Garage – A Begorrathon 2015 Guest Post

Here is a review of the 2007 Irish film, ‘Garage’, that I wrote for Niall of It is part of a series of Irish-themed articles called the ‘Beggorathon’.

The Fluff Is Raging

Beetleypete takes a look at the Lenny Abrahamson’s drama Garage as part of #begorrathon2015

PLOT SPOILERS!          

I saw this film for the first time about five years ago. It stayed in my mind as I had never expected it to, and when I watched it again at the end of last year, I was equally moved by its simple yet poignant tale of a man in rural Ireland. Not that the setting is actually that important. It is a story as old as man, of prejudice, cruelty, and despair.

The cast manage to get a complete grasp of their characters, who are all somehow familiar to any of us, despite where we might live. In some ways, the rural Irish setting is important though, to understand the traditional values that still exist in some areas, and how life in a close-knit community can be stifling.



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8 thoughts on “Garage – A Begorrathon 2015 Guest Post

  1. Oh, what a great review, Pete! I thoroughly enjoyed this one as I had never heard of this wonderful film, now it is on my list – “a definitely have to see”.
    Best regards, Dina


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