No complaints

Regular readers may have been (pleasantly) surprised to see that I have not posted one of my weather moans for some time now. Those weary posts about struggling through mud, battered by driving rain or hailstones are a regular feature on this blog, all year round. But there haven’t been any recently, in case you didn’t notice.

Typing in a whisper, hopefully not overheard by the weather gods, I have something very unusual to report. It isn’t raining in Beetley. And it hasn’t rained for quite some time now. In fact, it has been the best summer since we moved here, in 2012, and much of the UK is enjoying similar conditions. Being English, I am reluctant to mention this of course, for fear of jinxing the current dry spell.

The weather forecasters are saying that this could be the hottest and driest summer since 1976. I might even have to think about watering the few plants and herbs we have growing, something I have not needed to do since August 2013. My face and legs are tanned as brown as a berry, and even though I am festooned with an assortment of insect bites, nettle stings, and bramble cuts, I am a very happy blogger. Dry walks with Ollie, warm evenings sitting outside; I was even happy to have to cut the grass again last Thursday.

It hasn’t even been too uncomfortable at night, though I have resorted to using the large bedroom fan since Saturday. Windows open, washing drying on the spinny-thing, and clean fresh air to enjoy in abundance. This is what summer should be like.

I had almost forgotten.

76 thoughts on “No complaints

    1. Most of the summer in Spain would be far too hot for me. When it gets up to 30 degrees here, that’s more than enough. Besides, those British ex-pat communities over there hold little appeal. I used to talk about possibly retiring to south-west France. Less fierce weather, and I can ‘get by’ in French. But once I met Julie, I realised that she would be unlikely to ever want to move so far away from her four kids. πŸ™‚
      Maybe if I win the lottery, I could buy a home over there, and spend some time in both countries? But I’m not holding my breath…
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I think Little O is loving the summer just as much as you are. I am sneezing my head off and getting frecklier by the second… and finding the journey home on the train to be sauna like. However I am not missing the rain!

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    1. I remember the horrors of commuting in the heat, so do sympathise, Abbi. I am also finding the hay fever season to be a real trial, for the first time in years. Lots of sneezing, and very sore eyes late at night. But after that long, wet winter, anything has to be better. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I am loving it too! First week we have had since moving here I think where it hasn’t rained or mizzled or been foggy at least one day out of the seven. Has brought the darn flying ants inside the house though which is a huge pain 😦

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    1. 9/10 locals I speak to complain that it is too hot. I tell them they should be used to it, living in the ‘driest county in England’. πŸ™‚ No bother from ants here, flying, or walking.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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      1. Well I do prefer temps between 20 – 23 degrees, any hotter and I’m not keen on being outside in it, fair skin and all that. But I love sitting in the garden in the shade reading. And my excuse for not mowing the lawn this week is that it will get scorched! If only I could resolve the darn ant problem.

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  3. Hey I love a good weather post! I’m glad you’re enjoying your heat wave over there. We’ve had good weather for the most part all May and June. Until summer hit of course. Then it’s back to ‘Juneuary’ so as to keep up our reputation here in Seattle! Even with some cooler rainy days, we usually warm back up in the afternoon so it works for me. πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m banging these words out on the keyboard, hopefully to be overheard by the weather gods, I have something very irritating to report. It isn’t raining in Las Vegas. And it hasn’t rained for quite some time now. In fact, it has been just another incredibly hot and dry summer, just as it has been every year since I moved here in 1995. And every inch of the Mojave Desert is suffering similar conditions. Being a desert dweller, I am apt to mention this, of course, in hopes of luring some rain clouds to our neck of the cactus, and put an end to the current dry spell and heat wave.

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  5. Whether there is too much sunshine or too much rain, people always will complain. At least you have a positive attitude and enjoy the weather you are having now in the UK. Have a great summer, Pete!

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      1. Every summer when I was growing up in the southern US the night sky would be filled with their little flashing lights. No idea where they’ve gone. The way of DDT and neonicotinoids I suppose, sadly

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  6. It is brilliant, isn’t it, Pete! Glad you whispered though; we really don’t want to jinx it. Good to note that the media hasn’t stepped away from moaning though: I see dire warnings of melting roads… 😱 πŸ˜‰

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