Ambulance stories (6)

An old post, from 2012. Almost unbelievable, but sadly true.



The above abbreviation stands for Foreign Object In Rectum, and was something that I would use on paperwork, completed during and after Emergency calls, in my time in the London Ambulance Service. Abbreviations were commonly used, to save time, ensure privacy, and because the space on the form for diagnostics and treatment was very small! Other frequently used abbreviations were;  WTASOS (Walked to Ambulance and sat on side). PMCCAH (Patient made comfortable and put in chair at the Hospital), and a personal favourite, MAMH (Mad as a March hare). They are not used these days, as the new forms have various tick boxes and codes, leaving little space for ‘artistic expression’.

In the early 1980’s, the Earls Court area in West London, was a well-known gathering point for the homosexual and lesbian communities in London. There were gay clubs and bars, many of which had been around for decades…

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14 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (6)

  1. left this comment over there too:-
    Ooh ouch! Having been an Op Theatre sister you won’t be surprised to know I’ve been involved in FOIR removal several times. Some of my favourites was an old lady who’d managed to shove both sets of her dentures up there, and a boy who had accidentally ‘fallen’ onto a broom handle- that was bad as he’d perforated bowel and ended up with a colostomy – not good at the tender age of 16! Best of all though was removing a large vibrator from a chap, it was still buzzing when we got it out!! 😀 😀

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