What Dogs Don’t Care About

Dogs don’t care…

If you haven’t mowed the lawn

If you haven’t had a bath

If they haven’t had a bath

If there’s a really good film on TV

If you haven’t changed the blanket on their bed

If you are wearing the same shirt you had on yesterday

If they smell bad

If you smell bad

If they have slobber all round their face

If you haven’t had your dinner yet

If your car doesn’t start

If the roof gutters need clearing

If you had that extra glass of wine

If you didn’t get round to vacuuming the carpet

If their fur falls out all over the house

If another dog sniffs their butt

If Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister

If Donald Trump is President of America

If Kim Jong-Un has a bad haircut

If you didn’t manage to go on holiday

If you have put on a lot of weight

If your clothes are so ‘last year’

They don’t actually care about much at all.
We could learn something from them

77 thoughts on “What Dogs Don’t Care About

  1. This made me smile. As someone who gets anxious about some of those things, its reassuring to have a reminder that my pup doesn’t care about whether I’ve gotten kinda chubby or if I haven’t vacuumed. ❀

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    1. Thanks, Lara. I was watching Ollie on Monday night, when I got back from the hospital. He was so happy to see me, he wasn’t bothered about anything else. That got me thinking… πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. All that dogs really care about is when you will be home and whether you would cuddle them and rub their bellies…
    I had a German Shepherd for 11 years before he passed away. He would lick anyone’s face, irrespective of the time in the morning and the volume of their scream (that was mostly visitors). He could easily get in and out of the house by scratching the door open.
    During his last days, he would sleep at ease while mice rolled around him, sing with other dogs at night and eat only when fed by hand one morsel at a time.
    I miss him!

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    1. I’m sure you do miss him, Shaily. I also had a (huge) German Shepherd, from 1976-1988. He contracted arthritis of the spine, and had to be put to sleep when he could no longer stand up.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Dogs do care when they suspect you’re taking them to the vet.

    Years ago, we had an Old English Sheepdog. When it became apparent to him that the last person in the house was about to leave, he invariably ran to the couch, and hid behind it. “Come on Winston, I have to leave!” To which he was tempted to reply, “I don’t care!” But he refrained from doing so. Why? Because he knew that his voice would reveal his hiding place.

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  4. Lovely poem, Pete. And true. Dogs just want a kind word, some attention and food and water in their bowls. For those things they will follow you to the ends of the earth and lay down their lives in your defense.

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    1. Thanks, John. I was just watching Ollie around the house, and all this popped into my mind. πŸ™‚
      All he cares about is companionship, food, water, and sleep. The basics that make his life happy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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