I was not imagining it

I moan a lot about the weather. Guilty!

I suspect that many of you think I exaggerate it, and that’s understandable.

Fortunately, the BBC have just confirmed exactly what I already knew.

During the last 25 days, it has rained here EVERY day.

Forecast for tomorrow?

You guessed it. ‘Heavy showers’.

I think I might actually go insane.


70 thoughts on “I was not imagining it

  1. It has rained so much here in the last month. It is exhausting trying to do anything with a toddler in the rain… I am very ready for it to stop now!

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  2. If it’s raining everyday who couldn’t help but moan! Yucky! I hope you have a day filled with sunshine soon so you can walk Ollie with ease.😍 We have also had a lot of rain recently as well. It’s been messing with my arthritis and trying to dry my clothes! So I am with you with the rain going away, my friend.💜😘🌈

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      1. Our water table is all but gone….I have given up on the plums, peaches, grapes and pears……tangerines is about all that is producing these days…..it sucks because I do enjoy my fruit…..but cooler weather is here now…hopefully it will stick around awhile….chuq

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  3. Oh my, look at you Mr astrologer, well don’t you think you should join the news and become a weather forecaster? You are lucky it is raining over there, global warming has made it so hot in India even A/c’s can’t help us handle the heat. I hope it doesn’t cause you much trouble. Btw can you forecast my blank future?😜🙂✌

    Don’t mind my humour but just take it lightly, everything will be fine and if it doesn’t, I hope you know how to swim. 😊

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      1. I will read your link soon. I am actually caught up with the upcoming posts. Too many things have come up in line and I don’t have time to finish them plus as a terrible bonus it’s Halloween soon. I am so messed up right now I can’t even explain. I did 2 babble mouth talks in a single week. Btw why am I telling you this.

        That last sentence was awesome humour. My boy is learning. 😈😈😜 is Ollie giving you lessons or is it me?

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          1. It’s more like work gets in the way. I am so… I can’t describe it. Great first I lose mind now words, now what do you want to lose, Suzan?? The time machine has poofed my mind🤯🤯 I need to finish reading this thing. 😤😤 Btw how is the rain now?? Still pouring?? If it is you better get your floaters on. You don’t want to be blogging while drowning. 😊😊

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            1. It stopped during the night, but is set to return this afternoon.
              If The Time Machine is not enjoyable, just read something else, and come back to that another time. Perhaps use a time machine to do that, once they are invented… 🙂
              Best wishes, Pete.

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              1. Great at least you got a tiny break. The time machine is not that bad, it is actually quite good but the problem is my schedule. I am already on chapter 7. I have been reading it for 3 hours. I have a problem of never leaving a book incomplete. I really am liking this book now. It is a little confusing. Wait, why am I reviewing this book in your comments section?? I have lost it. 😤🤯🧠

                Btw my teaching went off track. You just lost your humour…yet again. But nice try. 🙂✌

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  4. Here in Sussex we had a serious drought most of the summer , many trees were showing the stress by brown- edged leaves and the ground was rock hard. Now we have made up for the past quite dramatically , puddles everywhere , it’s like a different world.
    Do you remember the talk about long-term forecasts and yet a few days are difficult to predict and localities differ considerably. Computers have become bigger and weather simulations more likely to be accurate yet Mother Nature keeps them guessing. Fear not the experts assure us that we can expect violent swings and unpredictability due to global warming. At the back of my mind I sneakily suspect this is a very convenient excuse , but take heart we are being dazzled by the glamour queens of the weather forecast who do their best to take our minds off the weather.

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  5. Oh, that’s really bad. I feel with you, Pete! Here, five days of rain are already on my nerves too. But isn’t it nice to be reminded in the media again and again of the weather visible from the outside? They certainly think that all people live in bunkers.;-) Best wishes, for better weather too. Michael

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      1. Nothing of yours was in Spam, Susanne.
        I know how wet it is where you live, but Norfolk is supposed to be the driest place in Britain.
        And it isn’t. 🙂
        Best wishes, Pete.


  6. I always believe you when it comes to the weather, Pete. I too come from a waterlogged part of the world. Our rainy season will likely kick in soon and run the next 6 months!
    From your Seattle friend. 🙂

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  7. Always good to check the stats against one’s memories – but um…yes…I gave up doing that ad nauseum some time ago, as, given NOAA warnings for one stinking day, within a 200 mile radius of me – we had durn near all of it – winter storm watch, tornado warnings, fire danger, heavy rain/flood watches, hail damage,high winds, etc., etc., etc. I just decided, then, best to use the “Color Coded Fully functional Radar aka known as my house windows, and the barometer (aka, my body and the wander dawg’s actions) to get in touch, real fast – LOL on what was true/not, just now, in this moment – although – when technology fails, somehow, my mom gets worried from breaking news and calls asking if we are in the cellar and I say, “Nope, worked hard, pooped and watching a movie – rain moving in – why?” and she says, “OMG! TAMRAHJO! THERE IS A TORNADO heading straight for you!!!” and I look out my window and say, “Thanks! You’re right – didn’t hear or get alert – gotta go while we move to the cellar – will call or text ya back in a while – “

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    1. Your weather is a lot more extreme than ours, TamrahJo. At least we don’t have to worry about our tornado shelter being flooded by all this rain, as we don’t have tornadoes. 🙂
      (Or shelters)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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