Blogger’s Books: Cathy Cade

Today I am featuring British blogger and writer, Cathy Cade. She has published a new book of short stories wich might appeal to many of you.

Here is her own short bio.

Cathy is a retired librarian. Her stories have been published in Scribble and Flash Fiction Magazine, and in anthologies, including To Hull and Back Short Stories 2018, Where the Wild Winds Blow and A Following Wind. Her story-verse, A Year Before Christmas, is available from and Her collection of short stories: Witch Way, and other ambiguous stories can be purchased from and, and from Smashwords.

Find Cathy online at

Her new book is ‘Witch Way, and other ambiguous stories’.

Here are some links where you can find out more about Cathy’s work, and also buy any books that you like the look of.

Please find some time to support this great member of our blogging community.

28 thoughts on “Blogger’s Books: Cathy Cade

  1. Librarians have a lot of inside information about what is popular. I had the pleasure of working with some excellent school librarians in my teaching career who turned a lot of kids onto favorite authors, series, and genres. Good luck to Cathy with her new book.

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  2. I took a “look inside” at “A Year Before Christmas,” and thought this would be a great book for kids. There is only one Amazon review on the U.K. site, and none on the American site. Maybe beetleypete followers who have children or grandchildren can do Cathy Cade a favor and buy a copy?

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