The Last Gasp Of Summer

On my short holiday, it didn’t rain at all. And there was only one dull and chilly day. I came home last weekend to an Indian Summer of high temperatures and blue skies. I haven’t seen any rain now since the night of the 6th, and that makes me very happy.

Today it is also bright and sunny, with some heat in the sunshine. Ollie is sleeping in a shaft of sunlight next to my desk, and I can hear soft music coming from a garden across the road. Nobody is cutting grass, drilling, or hammering. Traffic is light on the road outside, and peace dwells in Beetley so far this morning.

The weather people on TV tell us that this is all soon to change by Wednesday. Rain will arrive from the north-west, and the 24 C we are enjoying today will be down to a more seasonal 15 C.

Unusually, I am not complaining about that. We had a summer, and it was suitably hot. Then I had a holiday, with no rain. Then I came home to great weather as a bonus.

With all that has gone wrong in 2020, at least the weather finally worked.

65 thoughts on “The Last Gasp Of Summer

  1. It is crazy how weather patterns can be so different around the world. We’re in our third drought in the last four years. Unfortunately, that means more wildfires. We are relatively safe where we live so close to the ocean (mild temperatures), but California has already had more acres burned this year than in any record year in history. Seems like we all have weather bullets to dodge whereever we live.

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    1. I feel so sorry for the areas devastated by wildfires, Pete. At least we rarely have any natural disasters on that scale. But the USA is so vast, it has continental extremes, where we have an island climate.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It sounds as if you needed that, Peggy. I watched a recent series on the BBC with Miriam Margolyes, and one area she visitied had a terrible drought that had destroyed the local farming community. Farmers were killing their own cattle because they had no water or fodder for them. If you can find the series, it’s worth watching. It taught me a great deal about Australia.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I watch him sometimes, and wish I could be so content with so little. As long as he is close to me, and has something to eat, he aks for nothing more out of life. It is very humbling, Don.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Here in Las Vegas, we’ve now had 153 days without measurable precipitation, three days more than the previous 1959 record. The chance of rain for the next two weeks is 0%. There is so little traffic in my little neighborhood, that children play in the streets. The only negative aspect for me is that my next door neighbor thrives on marijuana, so if I open the window in the evening to get some fresh air, my lungs are likely to suck in wafts of weed.

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      1. Finley and I are enjoying a crisp sunny morning here in SW MO~signs of autumn all around. Hummingbirds are leaving and leaves are already starting to change a bit early. We need the rain. But I’m soaking up the perfect sun ☀️ best wishes to you Mr. Pete!

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  3. I would prefer your weather, Pete. We are supposed to have a “cool” front coming so we’ll go down maybe 4 degrees (93*F down to 88*F) 33.8*C to 31.1*C. Big deal, eh? But I’ll take it!

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  4. I’m happy to hear that you have had the weather you hoped for. The forecast gives me sunshine until Friday, ten the heavens will open for the foreseeable future. I shall enjoy it on the roof of the terrace painting the house 🙂

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  5. Unfortunately, we have a grey & damp start to the day; I am currently praying to the weather gods that it clears up, because I was hoping to go for a walk with my daughter & granddaughter at teatime, which isn’t going to happen if it is raining! Cheers, Jon.

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