Her last post. Your job? Say #GoodbyeToo @ SCVincent

Please use the link to read Sue’s full post. Courageous, and inspiring. We are losing one of the best bloggers and writers this community has ever known.

Barb Taub

Today Sue Vincent shared what may be her last blog post. It’s so like Sue that it’s a message of hope as well as gentle regret.

Sue has given so much and so freely—to family, friends, and uncounted thousands she’s touched online. This post of loss and love is deeply personal. But it’s also universal. The world has faced loss and grief on an unprecedented scale over the past year. Sue is part of that pandemic recording. It might not be the coronavirus that ultimately beats her (a far older and even more egalitarian cancer will be credited with that victory) but it played a lead role in delaying treatment which might have bought time.

So here’s my challenge. Please share this post. Please share a tweet and add names of those you’ve lost this past year. Because the world needs to remember every loss, every person whose death was…

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39 thoughts on “Her last post. Your job? Say #GoodbyeToo @ SCVincent

  1. I posted my off the cuff Ode to Sue after trying to pen/write/publish something to do ‘her’ justice – and I didn’t include a hash tag – cuz Sue saw it and commented and I may, have, today, gotten to ‘chat in comments’ with her, one last time – but …maybe not! I’m open to miracles and all! As usual, I did, but didn’t follow the ‘posting/hashtag’ rules of the game – but doesn’t matter – overall, to me – for – – – Sue was up for one more ‘back in forth’ in comments section – even though I outstayed my ‘time’ while so many others clammored for one more slice of time, from her – sigh – for better or worse, I did my ‘job’ as called for, in semblance for me, and well – I have long followed and felt connected across space/time with Sue and trust, she has forgiven me for not using a hashtag – even IF I’ve made it hard for future scholars to round up ‘all the folks’ she made an impact on – (I sometimes do my own miden heaps on this place with pennies from different years, in discordant layers as I go – just to mess with future archeologists – sigh – I do such things on purpose, and figure, Sue would laugh and help me do if ever she was here during my mulching time activities……)

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  2. Pete, Thank You for sharing this moving, soul-opening post. Words to match the feelings elude me. I will re-read Sue Vincent’s post more than a few times. So much to be revealed. Thank you!

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