Pygmy Music: A Video

My good friend Antony sent me this fascinating clip. Cameroonian musician Francis Bebey is playing a one-note flute, explaining how it served as both entertainment and a form of musical communication for pigmy tribes in Africa.

To bring it up to date, he is accompanied by another musician using a modern drum and bass machine.

It is a magical sound, full of history and culture.

40 thoughts on “Pygmy Music: A Video

  1. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing, Pete! Have a nice Sunday!
    Sorry, i am one again late, but this time i have an excuse. 😉 My new selfhosted blog is now opened: Was a horrible time without going public, but now its definitely clear, our German interpretation of the GDPR forbits the usage of WP-Jetpack, with all the useful things like following,commenting and liking. ;-( xx Michael

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  2. How very interesting. I often wondered what it would be like for someone from such a different society to find themselves transported to our world. How would you begin to absorb it all. Of course what he says is correct, his people are not savages, but there are plenty in the world we live in. I wish all those remote peoples could have been left alone happily doing their own thing. How arrogant that the West considered itself the “civilized” world. Thanks for posting this1

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