Gabby Is missing: Part Seven

This is the seventh part of a fiction serial, in 795 words.


She must have spotted me, as less than two hundred yards further on, she turned and smiled. “Kim! I thought that was you. Do you live around here? I knew you were staying in the city during the break, and hoped to bump into you”. She walked up to me, her shopping bags clinking with what sounded like bottles. The kiss she planted was awkward, more on my mouth than my cheek.

Warm, and very soft.

Turning to point back along the street in the direction of the football stadium, I smiled back. “Yeah, those modern apartments on the riverside, just behind the football club. It’s only noisy on match days, then only for a couple of hours”. She moved across the pavement, so as not to block the way for those walking by.

“Why don’t I come up and see your place? I have wine, and you can order in a pizza later. I’ve been crashing on a friend’s sofa, so could do with a shower. That okay?”

I was nodding so hard, my hair covered my face.

We had only been in the flat for five minutes when she was starting to pull off her clothes, and ask me for a towel. Wearing just her panties, she called out to me from the bathroom. “Okay if I use a couple of those bath bombs, Kim? I didn’t realise you had a bath. I love a soak in a bath”. I had been trying not to look at her, but standing by the door as she started to run the taps, I felt myself blushing. “Of course, use what you like. There are clean towels on that rack there”.

Gabby was in the bath for ages, and had left the door open. Then she yelled out, and I heard the water moving. “Kim, bring me in a glass of wine, there’s a love. There are three bottles of red plonk in one of my shopping bags. They are screw-top, no need for a corkscrew”. I poured the wine into a glass, and reached into the bathroom to hand it to her. But she wasn’t having that.

“Come in and talk to me. Put the toilet lid down and sit on that”. I wasn’t used to looking at anyone else naked, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as I sat there, with no idea what to talk about. I needn’t have worried, as she did all the talking anyway.

“You not having wine? Come on, Kim. Don’t make me drink alone”. I explained that I didn’t drink alcohol, and she grinned. “Just fill the glass halfway, and then top it up with mineral water. It will be just like drinking flavoured water. Go on”. I went back in sipping the drink, which tasted sour. But I smiled because I wanted her to like me. And I wanted to be just like her too.

When she let the water out and stood up to dry herself, I didn’t turn away. I watched her over the rim of my wine glass, my stomach turning somersaults. She fixed the towel around under her arms, and grabbed her drink. “I’m not putting those clothes back on, so I’ll just keep this towel around me. Let’s go and sit in the living room, and we can choose what pizzas we want.

Gabby ate the pizza as if she had never seen food before. By the time she had finished it, she had opened a second bottle of wine, and insisted I had another drink. “Don’t water it down so much, Kim. It will taste better that way”. When she spotted that I had only eaten a third of my boringly plain pizza, she leaned forward. “You not eating that? Okay, I’ll have it. Shame to waste it”.

Later on, I was sleepy, and thought it must be the wine. I felt good though, and had never been so relaxed. “Gabby, this is only a one-bedroom flat. So I will sleep on the sofa, and you can have my bed”. She gulped down the last of her drink, shaking her head. “Nonsense, we can both share your bed. Girls together, and all that”. She was in bed when I came in from the bathroom. I was wearing a long t-shirt, and could feel myself trembling, wondering if something was going to happen.

Wishing something was going to happen.

And it did. And it was more wonderful than I could ever possibly have imagined. Lying in the dark after, she spoke softly.

“Kim honey, my parents have forgotten to send me the deposit money for the house we are renting. Can you lend me a couple of grand until it arrives?”

I said yes. Of course I did.

50 thoughts on “Gabby Is missing: Part Seven

  1. (1) “Do you live around here? I hoped to bump into you.” Gabby walked up to Kim, and bumped into her, causing the bottles in her shopping bags to clink with excitement.
    (2) Kim lives behind the football club. Which is fitting for someone who has eyes that look like tiny footballs.
    (3) Bad citation: “I was nodding off so hard, I ended up fast asleep on the pavement. Gabby moved my body so as not to block the way for those walking by. I never would have dreamed that something like that would happen to me!”
    (4) Overheard:
    Gabby: “Okay if I use a couple of those bath bombs, Kim?”
    Kim: “Why? Are you planning to torpedo your private parts?”
    Gabby: “Yep! I’m going to plonk them in, and get me some big kabooms!”
    (5) Bad citation: “Just fill the glass halfway, and then top it up with bathwater. It will be just like drinking flavoured water. After all, I’m your flavour of the month. Go on!”
    (6) Gabby was a dish. Kim looked at her body, licked her lips, and said, “I want a pizza this. And a pizza that.”
    (7) Bad citation: “I was wearing a long t-shirt, and could feel myself trembling, wondering if something was going to happen. And it did. I stepped on the bottom part of my t-shirt, my feet slipped out from under me, and I bounced hard on the parquet.” (Not all kabooms happen in the bath.)
    (8) Did you hear about the time Liberace showed up at a piano store in Las Vegas to perform a few numbers for some foreign customers? He looked around the store, which mostly sold uprights, and asked the manager, “Can you lend me a grand?”

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