Just The Driver: Part Sixteen

This is the sixteenth part of a fiction serial, in 834 words. **May contain swearing!**

My next port of call had to be Big Irene’s place in Camberwell. I was surprised when she recognised me, and didn’t bother to ask me for thirty quid. “What d’ya want? I’ve got someone arriving in fifteen minutes”. I told her I was looking for Nicky, because he owed me money. What she said next was my first clue.

“The Greek bloke? I haven’t seen him for about a week. Wednesday? Not sure though. Early-ish, before it got dark. He was flush when he came round, paid me extra for a special. Rushed it a bit though, said someone was waiting for him downstairs”. I wasn’t about to ask Irene what she did for a special, but was excited that she had actually seen him since he had disappeared. I asked her if he had been carrying a leather shoulder bag, and if she remembered what he had been wearing. She raised her eyebrows, and extended the palm of her left hand.

“Time’s money in my line of work, sunshine.”

I gave her a ten pound note, and she tucked it inside the waistband of her skirt. “Yes, he had a bag like that. Lots of money inside it too, I saw that when he paid me. As for what he was wearing, please be fucking serious. Do you know how many blokes come through this door in the course of a week? I couldn’t remember what he was wearing if my life depended on it”. I asked if she could tell me anything about the car, and she blew out her cheeks and started to close the door.

“The car? What you think I walked out of my flat stark naked to see what car he was in? You a nutter or summink?’ Now, please do me a favour and fuck off”. Big Irene could afford to be so rude and offhand. She paid for protection.

Upset her, and someone would find you.

Back in my car, I was down ten pounds, but had a definite sighting. Wednesday last week, before it had got dark, so before eight-ish. Trouble was, I didn’t have the first clue what to do with that information. In television dramas or films, Irene would have noticed something about the car, a hot clue that would have had me tracking down Nicky’s next move.

But in real life, she had just been lying on her crumpled bedding, smoking a post-coital cigarette before the next mug arrived.

Despite feeling a bit sick at the thought of it, I knew a pub crawl was going to have to happen. I would start at the Simon The Tanner. If Nicky went for a drink anywhere, that was usually his first choice. I was relieved to find the bar devoid of professional villains, and Tony in a talkative mood.

“Yeah, I did see Nicky last week, not sure which day though. He was with a young bloke. Fair hair, a bit too long. Hippy-type. You know the sort, posh boy who thinks it’s all the rage to go slumming. Bit of a prick, to be honest. I warned Nicky about flashing the cash. He had a shoulder bag stuffed with cash and was buying drinks for the usual crowd, as well as some locals he didn’t even know”. Tony couldn’t remember what he had been wearing, and I decided to abandon that line of questioning. But I did ask him if he knew what car they had been in. Tony liked cars.

“Well, I didn’t see it like, ’cause I was behind the bar. But the hippy bloke put the keys on the bar, and they had the Mercedes symbol on them. So it had to be a Merc, Paul. He said he was going to Billy Tarrant’s pub to see someone, and had to wait until ten for them to be there”.

Thanking Tony for his help, I went and sat in my car. So that hippy bastard in Dulwich had been with Nicky after all, and he had lied through his teeth to me earlier. But I hadn’t seen a car at his house, though that didn’t mean he didn’t have one. After Irene and Tony, I was beginning to feel I was geting somewhere. And my next clue was The Southwark Park Tavern. I knew I had to go and ask Billy if he had seen Nicky that night, but as it was Mickey Shaughnessy’s second favourite pub, I wasn’t best pleased.

Ten minutes later, I was talking to Billy. I breathed a sigh of relief that there was no sign of Shaughnessy, or Little Legs. Tarrant was cagey, but still helpful.

“Yeah, Nicky was in here. He was alone though, and he didn’t have a shoulder bag. For Christ’s sake, who carries one of those in Bermondsey? Why do you want to know?”

Billy accepted my shrug, and believed me. “He owes me a lot of cab fare, Billy. You know me, I’m just the driver”.

24 thoughts on “Just The Driver: Part Sixteen

  1. (1) “I wasn’t about to ask Irene what she did for a special.” What part of “show, don’t tell” does Paul not understand?
    (2) Overheard:
    Big Irene: “Time’s money in my line of work, sunshine.”
    Paul: “How much time will ten pounds get me if I want to go where the sun don’t shine?”
    Big Irene: “Not one second, you stingy nutter! You wanna special? That’ll set you back forty quid.”
    (3) Did you hear about the lady who sat on a land mine? It blew out her cheeks!
    (4) Big Irene sat on her crumpled bedding, smoking a post-coital cigarette, waiting for the next mug to arrive. Nicky was aware she required a lot of coffee after humping beneath the sheets, but how many oversize mugs of coffee could she possibly drink?
    (5) I’ve heard that Iron Man always strips off his clothes before putting on his armor. But the movies never show Tony Stark naked.
    (6) There are a lot of Mercs in the Riddick movies. But none of the mercenaries drive cars…
    (7) Patsy was always asking Nicky where he was going, even though she suspected he was cheating on her with Big Irene. Billy’s wife found herself in a similar situation.
    ♬ Which way you goin’ Billy?
    ♬ Can I go too?
    ♬ Which way you goin’ Billy?
    ♬ Can I go with you?
    ♬ I really love you, Billy
    ♬ And all this time
    ♬ I thought you loved me, Billy
    ♬ And you were mine
    (8) Did you hear about the Italian policeman named Coppola? He interrogated Nicky, but found him to be Cagey.

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    1. A sneaky Nicholas Cage reference there, David! (Nobody in London usually says ‘Mercedes’, but they do say ‘Mercenary’. So a ‘Merc’ is always a German car.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

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