Four Lives: Part Nineteen

This is the nineteenth part of a fiction serial, in 868 words.

On the short drive to the pub, Marian had to marvel at how Lee had such relaxed confidence around a stranger. Surely that was something you had to be born with? He was so completely different to Steve, in every way. Yet knowing about his ability to control women, and his violence when it didn’t go his way, she was relieved that she had not chosen someone like him for a husband.

In the pub, she made sure to appear awkward, and to show no outward affection to Lee. He knew quite a few of the others drinking in there, and they all seemed to assume that he was with his new girlfriend. She stuck to bottled water too, citing the fact she had to drive home. But she gave him her real first name, as that wouldn’t matter tomorrow. He was drinking quite quickly, gulping his beers rather than sipping them. And she didn’t need to make conversation, as he was happy to do all the talking.

Unsurprisingly, he talked about being a security consultant, adding that he couldn’t tell her much more because it was ‘hush-hush’. How he expected to carry that off when he was dressed in cheap clothes, drove an outlandishly flash car, and lived in a shared house, God only knows.

But enough women had fallen for it before.

The party dress seemed to be working. His eyes kept wandering to her ample cleavage, and each time she crossed her legs, his gaze followed. But she kept her cool, twisting to one side when he tried to put his hand on her thigh, and leaning forward when he attempted to slip his left arm around her shoulders.

His vanity continued when he asked her nothing at all about herself. She had some white lies ready, but didn’t need them. Other than asking her name, he was not remotely interested in anything else about her. After she had carefully sipped one glass of mineral water, and Lee had almost polished off three pints of lager, she made noises about having to leave.

“I live in London, and it will take me a long time to get back. I don’t want to be out too late, driving alone”. He made no argument about that, and lifting the glass to drain the last of the beer, gave her a very friendly smile. “You can drop me home on the way, I can show you a short cut to get back onto the main road to London”.

Alcohol had made him bolder, and as she drove along he stroked her leg. “I hope you are going to come in for a coffee? Fifteen minutes won’t make much of a difference”. This time she didn’t shy away, or move his hand. It was time to try her plan.

“I’m not keen on going inside a flat with someone I don’t know that well, but I will be okay in the car. You must know somewhere nearby where we can park unobserved for a while?” Most men would not have been able to believe their luck, but he took it all in his stride.

“That suits me. Drive past my place, then take the next on the right. There’s an old closed down shop there, with a car park behind”. Marian had guessed right. Somewhere he had brought other women.

When she stopped the car and switched off the lights, Lee casually opened the door and got out. “More room in the back”. She took off her shoes and got in the other side and he was immediately all over her, hands down her dress and up inside it too, slobbering, beery kisses. Foreplay was not in his dictionary, obviously.

Fumbling with the belt on his canvas trousers, he spoke without looking across at her. “Take your tights off, we can’t do anything with them on”. Marian acted as if she was turned on. “Just rip them, I’m not wasting time”.

As he was grunting away on top of her, she reached down and placed his hands around her neck. He spluttered saliva as he spoke. “Oh you like it rough do you?”, squeezing her throat as he carried on. She waited a while then brought her left hand up and dug her nails into the back of his hand, and along his wrist. He soon finished, and sat back grinning at her.

“Well you were a surprise and no mistake, a real tiger”. Fixing his shirt and trousers, He sat back against the door. “What now? You coming in for that coffee?” Marian shook her head. “I want to get home. You go, I will clean myself up and then drive home. Who knows? I might see you again one of these days.” He didn’t complain. He had got what he wanted, and his ego took over. “Then again, you might not. You weren’t that good, love”.

With that, he got out of the car and walked back in the direction of his flat.

Marian gave it less than ten minutes before she picked up her phone and dialled 999. She hyperventilated for a few moments before speaking.

“I need the police. Please help me, I have just been attacked and raped”.

29 thoughts on “Four Lives: Part Nineteen

  1. (1) Marian said, “Okay, you be Harry, and I’ll be Sally.” After witnessing Marian’s fake orgasm, a nearby diner said to the waitress, “I’ll have what she’s having.”
    (2) Overheard:
    Lee: “I can show you something short on the way back.”
    Marian: “Well, at least that won’t take long.”
    (3) Overheard:
    Lee:, raising an eyebrow “There’s more room in the back.”
    Marian, shifting in her seat: “Maybe, but I want to see you coming.”
    (4) Marian is a tiger with gummy bear implants.
    (5) “So you want to bang me, Lee? After you rip off my tights, wrap them around your willy, and secure them with my bangle bracelet.”
    (6) Lee spluttered saliva as he spoke. And, in a way, so did Willy.
    (7) After the wham-bam!, did Lee say, “Thank you, ma’am!”? #SexEtiquette

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    1. That was supposed to imply that she was in a state of panic and confusion before she phoned. She also wanted to allow enough time for Lee to be back in his flat.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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