An Alphabet Of My Life: Z


Zealous is usually a word associated with religion these days, as in ‘Religious Zealots’. A rather old-fashioned word that has changed its meaning over time in society. In the past, ‘Zeal’ was a good thing. It made me think of brave soldiers, hard-working inventors, and charitable people who helped the unfortunate.

As far as this final word in the alphabet of my life is concerned, it is connected to ‘P’. I was very zealous in my political ideals when I was younger. Determined, committed, and keen to argue my side. On some occasions, this zeal on my part upset people. It made me enemies, and affected my jobs.

But I was undaunted, and continued to be politically zealous for the greater part of my life.

36 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of My Life: Z

  1. Words very often change their meaning in the popular understanding [especially thanks to social media and ‘yoof’ television], but I do admit to sometimes mischievously using them in the old-fashioned [old school, now] sense, just for a bit of fun 😉 Cheers, Jon.

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