The Blue Light: Part Six

This is the sixth part of a fiction serial, in 777 words.

While George was in Bath, Eileen made the most of a day on her own. Although feeling out of place in the sportswear shop, the staff were very kind to her, and she was soon kitted out with three changes of appropriate clothing for wearing at the Health Club, as well as two new swimming costumes. She had a locker provided there, and the new outfits almost filled it. The young man at the sales counter had winked at her when she was signing in, and called out as she walked past. “Good morning! Lovely to see you back with us!”

That had made her blush.

Relaxing after a swim, she considered trying out the gym after a light lunch. There were both female and male instructors in there to guide you through a proper regime, and she had spotted a very muscular young man when she had looked through the perspex doors leading to it. Once she was changed and had walked through those doors, she didn’t have to seek him out. He walked straight over to her, his white-toothed smile dazzling. “New to us? I’m Floyd, and here to help”. Eileen had not had much to do with black people during her life, but she could feel herself tingling in his presence as she admired his tall frame and easy manner.

Although she had expected to be embrarrassed at her ability to use the equipment, it turned out to be relatively easy. In fact, the harder Floyd made it, the more invigorated she felt. And he was so encouraging. “Well done, Eileen! You can do more. Come on, five more minutes”. When she had signed up, they had measured her and weighed her, suggesting an easy start to the exercises. But she exceeded both their expectations, and her own. After an hour with Floyd, and before she went to shower, he stood close to her and gave her a business card.

“This has my number. I am freelance, and would be happy to give you some one-on-one training at your home, if that is something that would interest you”. Surprising herself, Eileen looked him straight in the eye. “Yes, that would interest me a great deal. Would you be free this afternoon by any chance?” Floyd grinned. “Absolutely. Call my phone and let me have your address. Shall we say three o’clock?” Getting dressed after showering, Eileen could feel herself trembling with excitement. She was going to get a taxi home, so she had time to get ready.

As she chose the most modern-looking outfit in her wardrobe, Eileen started to feel very tired. Her legs were aching after the morning exercise, and she began to worry about whether George might suddenly return home. But she had crossed a line she never imagined she would cross, and was determined to see it through. So she rang Floyd’s phone and left a message with her address. He arrived exactly at three, wearing a different outfit, and carrying a sports bag. He declined her offer of something to drink, and rolled out a rubber mat that was under his arm.

“Shall we get started? I find a nice relaxing massage is the best way to start. Why don’t you lie down on the mat?”

Floyd abandoned all pretext of massage or exercise as soon as she was lying down. He began to kiss her, undressing her with practised hands that had done this so many times before. She could feel herself surrendering to him completely, as his strong arms moved her around as if she was weightless. When it was all over, she was breathing heavily, and exhausted. No experience in her life had ever come close. She had no idea it could be like that. She looked up at him as he got dressed, hardly able to believe what she had just done. He turned and smiled.

“I will have to ask you for the hourly rate, I’m afraid. I know that sounds horrible, but I have to book out my hours, and account for my time every day. That will be seventy-five pounds, if that’s okay with you”. Pulling on her dress, she found her purse and gave him four twenty-pound notes. “Don’t worry abouth the change. Perhaps you could come round again next week?” He nodded. “That would be my pleasure, Eileen”.

On her own once he had left, Eileen made a cup of tea. She was still trembling, but felt no guilt or shame at having paid for sex. Speaking out loud, she smiled as she addressed the empty room.

“Well it’s only money, and you can’t take it with you when you die”.

27 thoughts on “The Blue Light: Part Six

  1. (1) Bad citation: “Relaxing after a swim, she considered trying out the gym after a blue light lunch.”
    (2) Floyd may weather a male boxing match, but can he weather a sexual bout with Eileen?
    (3) “In fact, the harder Floyd made it, the more invigorated she felt.” (Eileen felt the sexual tension rising.)
    (4) Did Eileen give Floyd a show in the shower?
    (5) Instead of massaging Eileen’s body, Floyd massaged her ego.
    (6) Eileen was so happy, she paid little attention to how much she paid for sex. (Someone needs to pound the moral cost of this into her brain.)
    (7) There are two men in Eileen’s life: George, Floyd.

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