Around The World In Colour 100 Years Ago

This fascinating short film (8 minutes) shows everyday life in many different cities around the world in the 1920s. The original black and white footage has been enchanced, colourised, and some sound added for effect. Cities in America and Europe are featured, and I found it very interesting to watch.

29 thoughts on “Around The World In Colour 100 Years Ago

  1. I watched this one, and also one on 1920’s Paris (also by NASS) even though Paris gets a full minute in “A Trip Around the World…” Videos like this are truly fascinating. I wonder what people will think one hundred years from now when watching videos taken today?

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  2. Already a lot of wealthy people in the US, judging by the number of motor-cars! Stockholm seemed the least fraught. Nice the least populated. Venice…holy cow what a jam. I like that there was a dog in one gondola. Always interesting to see these clips.

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