The Perfect Spring Day

It already felt warm when I woke up this morning, and the blue skies enhanced my mood before I had my first cup of tea.

By the time I took Ollie for his walk, the weather conditions were so perfect, it was a day I would like to save and repeat for the rest of my life.

15C, (60F) but with real warmth from the sunshine. A breeze that felt fresh and clean, but not strong enough to move plants or grasses around.

The birds were singing like a choir, and insects were buzzing in the air.

It was warm enough for shorts, but I wasn’t wearing them as I had decided it was still too early. My mistake.

Ollie could feel the warmth, and was soon in the river for a drink and a cool down. But he had the same sense of the day as me, so we headed across to Hoe Rough to double the length of the walk.

On the path leading to the new footbridge, I was startled to see two young Adders, stretched out in the rays of sunshine. It is very early to see those, and they do not normally appear when the temperature is below 25C.

As they are a poisonous snake, I took a wide route around them, making sure that Ollie didn’t notice them. A bite from one of them could kill my loyal old dog.

After the walk, I made my usual Monday ‘Big Shop’ trip to the supermarket. The inside of the car was hot, and I drove the four miles with the windows down, enjoying the feeling of warm air coming in.

So my conclusion is that today was the perfect Spring day. A day that makes you feel good to be alive and living in the countryside.

61 thoughts on “The Perfect Spring Day

  1. That’s wonderful, Pete. Think of the people who couldn’t get outside to enjoy and experience such a perfect day. You were one of the lucky ones. Yes, a day to re-live every day!

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    1. He was probably a bit too hot, chuq. He doesn’t mind very cold weather, and gets hot in direct sunshine. But there were more people out with dogs, so he was able to interact more.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes, this area is known for Adders, and you have to be careful once the weather warms up. But they are not aggressive, and will only bite if cornered or disturbed. They are dangerous to dogs and small children, though can make adults ill with their bites too. It is interesting to see them, but best to avoid bothering them.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. They lie in sunshine to warm up so they can move around freely. The adult ones generally slither away as you get close, but these were young ones.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. A perfect spring day for a walk! At least you spotted the adders soon enough to go around them. We don’t have poisonous snakes in Western Washington and for that I’m thankful. (There are rattlesnakes on the east side of the state.)

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