Author Tim Baker: A Free Book!

I am very happy to bring you news of a FREE Kindle book for everyone, not just KU members, from Tim Barker. This is available to download through Amazon free of charge until the 29th of March. So you have four more days to take advantage of Tim’s great offer. Use this link.

Here is a synopsis. It looks good! Something for us all to read during the current stay at home period.

(If you get a copy, don’t forget to leave a fair review on Amazon after reading it.)

Kurt’s life has been one dead end after another since he was convicted of attempted rape thirty years ago.
Inspired by a dream, he thinks he’s finally found the way to Easy St. and it starts with kidnapping Vicky, the woman who had him arrested all those years ago.
Surely Vicky’s husband, wealthy investment consultant Jimmy, would pay handsomely for the safe return of his wife.
But Kurt soon learns that even Easy Street has its share of pot holes.
After the road trip from Hell, Kurt arrives in Florida to learn that Jimmy is planning to leave Vicky and may not be interested in saving her. On top of that Jimmy’s mysterious mistress wants her own piece of the action.
To make matters worse, Kurt gets on the wrong side of a biker, a bookie and an ex-Navy SEAL who seem determined to make the rest of his life as painful as possible.
Meanwhile, Danny Putnam is enjoying life in Florida. He owns a successful dive shop and has a very comfortable lifestyle until he starts having bizarre dreams about his murdered wife and a beautiful woman he has never met. Suddenly his comfortable life becomes very complicated.

Living the Dream by Tim Baker, is both humorous and action packed. All of the characters in this novel have a plan and a few dreams. As their lives begin to intersect, they find out that dreams really can come true, for better or for worse.

If anyone else is offering free or good value books during this time, let me know.

Brave Browser

Found by chance on a Twitter link, is the Brave browser.

Ads- Blocked.
Trackers- Blocked.
Speed- Increased.
Passwords- Saved.
Bookmarks- Saved.
Privacy- Complete.
All mail contacts and settings- Saved.
All blog site content and settings- saved.

This downloads in record time, and easily saves whatever you choose from the menu. It is fast, fuss-free, and ad-free too.
(If you want, you can opt-in to the ads, but there is no compulsion)

Free of charge to use, quicker than Chrome, Microsoft, or Firefox. I am excited by this, so far. Might be worth a try, as it really does block trackers and ads.

Some minor issues with displaying WP notifications, and it doesn’t appear to let me just ‘like’ posts. But otherwise, no obvious glitches. The screening can be turned off for each individual site as required, so that will stop any WP issues, I’m sure.

Here is a link to check it out. I get nothing from this, I promise you.
It’s just a tip for my readers.

Published Bloggers (1)

As some of you know, I am always happy to promote the books of bloggers who have published books. Whether they have self-published, or managed to get a deal, it doesn’t matter.

I made a similar offer to this in 2017, and thought it was about time to try again.

But I don’t have time to trawl the blogs of my followers for them, and rely on them letting me know. So I have decided to offer a no-strings promotion on my blog. If you are part of this community, and struggling to get readers for your work, then I will help by adding your links to a series of blog posts. To be included, just choose from the following options.

1) Add your link or links to the comments on this post.
2) Send me a cover photo and a brief synopsis by email to
Then I will add them for you.
3) Link back to your own blog or book page by adding a ‘pingback’.

You must be an established blogger with an active blog, and must under no circumstances add any followers to email newsletters without permission.

Any ‘commercial’ links from publishers or companies who are not bloggers will be deleted.

I hope that this will help to promote the work of my blogging friends, and get you a new audience.

Two books from Frank Prem.



Two books from Steph Richmond.

front (1)2

front (1) medium

Two books from Mary Smith.

A book from Sheila Murrey.

A book from Sneha Ganesh.