The Forest Bed: Free ebook

Blogger and writer Shaily has a wonderful offer. Her new book of great short stories is FREE from Amazon on Kindle. And you don’t have to be a KU member! If you get a copy, please leave her a fair review.

Short Stories | Fish-eye Perspective

It is finally here! My very own short stories collection: The Forest Bed and other short stories. After long delays for ‘technical’ reasons, my book is finally available worldwide as an ebook. What’s even better?

The ebook is free.

The Forest Bed ebook is available to readers worldwide for free on Amazon Kindle

Offer valid from June 22, 2021, 12:00 AM PDT till June 26, 2021, 11:59 PM PDT.

  1. Open your Kindle app.
  2. Type The Forest Bed in your Search bar.
  3. Select the book.
  4. Download and read.
  5. Provide an honest review.

Or depending on where you live, you can find it on Amazon. Just click the relevant link below:

Just type in the comment box if you can’t find it. I’ll provide the link.

Book in Print: If you are more of a love-the-smell-of-books person like me, you can order the printed book from Amazon or…

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24 thoughts on “The Forest Bed: Free ebook

          1. Hi Shaily! I’ve reviewed other Kindle books on Amazon so I shouldn’t have a problem with yours. I was on Goodreads until a couple of years ago when my account was hacked and deleted. After losing thousands of reviews and followers I decided not to rejoin. I will also post my review on my blog though. It will probably be a few weeks as I have a backlog of eARCS to go through.☺️

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            1. No problem, Kim. I suggested Goodreads because when I opened Amazon to check the process of commenting (It is Instructional Designer OCD–we instruct people to do something, then we tell them how to do it too and for that we learn it end-to-end), I realised I’m unable to comment because my account was just a day old. So, I created the Goodreads page. 😁

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