7 Steps to a User-Friendly Blog

**Attention!** Bloggers old and new, check out these essential tips from Diana. Make your blog user friendly! Get more readers, more followers, and more interaction and involvement on your blog. You know it makes sense!

Myths of the Mirror

While I’m away, here’s an older but always a goodie, especially for new bloggers. Good luck!

This isn’t a new topic, but it seems worth a mention every now and then within the WordPress blog community. I love connecting with other bloggers and occasionally a website makes that hard if not impossible to do. Here are a few tips. 🙂

Definitely take a look at these if:

  • You are leaving likes, comments, or follows on other blogs and not getting return visits.
  • Everyone likes your old posts and seems to ignore your recent posts.
  • You’ve changed your blog address at any time (your gravatar may still be directing your readers to the old deleted site!)

1. Make sure your links to your site are working. Unfortunately, this isn’t handled in just one place:

  • In your blog profile: Go to WP Admin – Users – My Profile. At the bottom of…

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Blogging Frustrations

Since starting this blog in 2012, I have spent a lot of time trying to help other bloggers. After struggling a lot myself, and getting advice from blogging friends, I tried to pay that forward, by posting advice and suggestions about how new bloggers could possibly get a more rewarding experience from blogging.

Some of this advice has taken the form of gripes about the way some bloggers go about the process of blogging, and how an increasing number of bloggers treat it like the more instant social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. But I was always trying to help, I assure you.

The two biggest irritations have been mentioned by me more than once, and one of those was a subject of a ‘reminder’ blog post very recently.

‘Please follow my blog’, or ‘Please read my new post’ are not valid comments to leave on the site of another blogger. If you have read something they have written, then you should comment on that subject, not just ask to be read in return, or followed back because you have liked a post, or followed a blogger. I cannot even remember how many times I have complained about this previously, yet just this past week it has happened no less than a dozen times on my blog.

So to anyone thinking of doing this in the future, I have this warning.
If you do this on one of my posts as from tomorrow, I will not only refuse to ‘Approve’ that comment, I will mark it as ‘Spam’.
That’s how much I am fed up with people who constantly do this.

My most recent advice was about how to connect your site to your Gravatar image. On the same day I posted that, I had no less than six new followers who had failed to do this. So I could not find their own blog. Since then, I have counted more than three new followers every day who have not bothered to attach any link to their name or Gravatar image, so cannot be ‘found’. I know that these are not ‘Email only followers’, as WordPress kindly lets me know if someone is only following by email. Annoyingly, some of those bloggers had even ‘liked’ my post advising them to do this link, but had patently not bothered to read it.

My recent post about positive blogging spoke highly of the great community we have in WordPress, especially the committed new bloggers who have arrived in 2019. But there is still the ‘follow me back gang’, and the ‘no link followers’. It doesn’t seem to matter how much advice is put out there, they choose to ignore it.

After all this time, I do start to wonder why I bother.

New email, and new photo

I have now changed my email address for use with WordPress. I also changed the photo that accompanies the comments too. (It seems I had to, and the old one wouldn’t fit in the new editor!)

If you are someone who regularly contacts me privately, please continue to use the previous Yahoo email. But in the future, you might see the new email address is a Gmail one, and that is now associated with this blog.

Thanks a lot to those who helped me discover how to do it.


A quick question

****Updated for information.****

I managed to get the photos back in this morning, although for some reason, they are smaller this time. But the large files can be viewed, by clicking the image. They had been mistakenly deleted from my ‘Media File’, and if they are not in there, they will not appear on the post. This answers my original question. All and any photos you wish to include in a post must first be uploaded to the media file, and they must be retained, or they will not show on the post when viewed.. This doesn’t seem to apply to external links, but only to those you wish to feature in posts. Most of you probably knew that anyway, so after three years, I am still learning! Thanks again, Pete.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this. It seems that the photos in question have ‘disappeared’ from my WordPress photo section. I may well have mistakenly deleted them, as I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time. I will get them back in, and edit the post soon.

Looking back over my blog, tidying up, and correcting small errors, I came across something strange. On my post about Prague, Holidays and Travel: Prague 2011 (Part 1) I did something unusual for me, by posting some photos to accompany the article.

When I look at it today, the photos have been replaced by code letters, and when I click on them, the link shows ‘file not found’. These are my own photos, and still exist on the PC, so why would this happen? As someone who almost never includes photos in a post, this is something new for me to get to grips with. Do any of you, especially all the photo-bloggers, have any clue as to why this might have happened, and how I can remedy it?

Thanks in advance. Pete.