Don’t Sign!

A warning from Stevie, based on her own experience!

Stevie Turner

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Recently I read a blog from a self-published author who was thrilled to bits to gain a publishing deal. She had signed the rights to her book over to the publisher, and of course now looked forward to the royalties from many future sales.

However, I’ve been on a steep learning curve over the past 8 years regarding the integrity of small publishers. In order to satisfy my own curiosity I went on to Google and typed in ‘Writer Beware‘ and the name of the lady’s publisher. As I suspected, there were many complaints about this particular publisher regarding the amount of ‘set up fees’ needed and the lack of any royalties.

I’m sure most of us have been taken in by small publishers at one time or another at the beginning of our writing careers…

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Mythaxis Magazine: Spring Edition


The print edition of Mythaxis Review Magazine will be available to buy from Amazon in the next few days.

As you can see from the cover, it contains reviews from me, so think of this as blatant self-promotion!

I confess that seeing my name on the cover of any publication does make me feel very good, and makes all my hard work trying to write worthwhile.

By choice, I don’t make any money from doing this, but would of course be immensely pleased if anyone decided to buy a copy.

More online publication

Further to my non-fiction articles being published by Mythaxis online magazine yesterday, they have also decided to publish two of my book reviews, and two film reviews too.


Here are some links to those reviews.


Peeping Tom



The Three

The Dry

Many of you will have read these before, but I would be very grateful if you could take time to click on the links, and leave a ‘Like’.
There are lots of other good reviews there too. You might enjoy them.

Published Online

I am pleased to announce (okay, boast) that three of my non-fiction articles have been published online, in Mythaxis Magazine.


Many of you will have read these before, whether something similar on my blog, or when they were published elsewhere.

But I would really appreciate you taking time to click each line, and leave a ‘Like’ for me.
Of course, if they are new to you, then please read them too!

While you are there, you can have a look and see what else Mythaxis has to offer.

Here are the links.

Farewell to the City

Countryside Fashions

My New Fluffy Gown

Get Published In 2019!

Daniel White is looking for stories to publish in two of his magazines,

If you have ever thought that your unusual and quirky short story should be worth consideration, then now’s the time to try. Or if you write about fantasy, other worlds, or mystical weirdness, then this is a chance for you too.

Please follow these links, to submit your stories. It’s free to do, and if you are successful, you will even get paid.

By Daniel Scott White. January 1, 2019
This magazine is about fiction that isn’t fit for ‘them’. What do I mean by ‘them’? Who in particular are ‘they’? They are the government. They are your parents. They are your teachers. They are everywhere.

By Daniel Scott White. January 1, 2019
This magazine is about fiction that isn’t made for this world. Unreal Magazine is looking for stories about fantasy, magic, and portals to other worlds at this indefinite point in time.

It’s January the first, so there’s never a better time to get started on getting published. Good luck!

My Article In Print (Again)

I am once again delighted to have had an article published in the latest edition of Longshot Island magazine. As you can see from the cover, the theme this time is ‘Humour’, and there are some delightful illustrations to accompany the stories and features inside.

You will notice that I am credited as the ‘Style’ contributor, and this irony is intentional, I assure you. My own article this time is a re-working of ‘My New Fluffy Gown’, which some of you will remember from this blog.

I sincerely apologise for the shameless self-promotion, but I am obviously very pleased to be in print once more. Please check out the magazine online, and if you like it, buy a copy! (I don’t get royalties) You may also want to consider submitting your own story or feature for possible publication, and links follow.

The photos can both be enlarged for detail. Sorry the second one is a bit wonky!

Blogger’s Books: Shoniessky

Today I am pleased to feature a book from American blogger, Sharnique Middleton, who blogs on WordPress as ‘Shonies’ Sky’. She is a relatively new follower of my blog, and has quickly become a regular reader, with engagement on posts.

This is what she has to say about herself.
“I am an established writer and poet who loves to just speak from the heart and experiences. I would love for you to take a look at my book and share it.”

The book title is ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest’, and this the synopsis.

“This is not a love story, it is a bittersweet story of love.

Or at least, this is a story of what happens when you fall in love with someone who cannot feel love, someone who uses you and abuses you.

This is the story of a love so possessive and so strong and so deep, you can feel the pain on every page. This love hurts, and yet you long for the pain.

This is the story of a love that is destructive to its very core. A love that tears you apart.

A story of a love that is killing you softly, and yet you somehow refuse to die.

A story of a love that makes you look deep within yourself to discover a strength and a courage you never knew you had – the strength to survive, the determination to find a light in the darkness.

This is a story of a love that is almost poisonous in its intensity, almost brutal in its tenderness.

“The first cut is the deepest” goes the song, but this story shows that after that first deep cut, there are a thousand more cuts, each one deeper than the last.

Read it and weep.

Here is a buying link, if you are interested.

Please help her out with this new book, by sharing this post, or the one on her blog. And perhaps visit her own site too, to welcome her into our great blogging community.

In print, again!

I am very pleased to announce that I have once again had an article accepted for publication in the latest edition of Longshot Island magazine. It is a non-fiction piece about architecture, and is on page fifty. As well as that, the new edition features some outstanding short stories, and offers so much more, including great value classified advertising for your latest book, website, or services.

The magazine is available as a print copy, or a download. Anyone interested can also get a $1 discount on the price via this blog, using the code 1$FORYOU If you would like to know more about this magazine, perhaps even send one of your own submissions for consideration, please follow the links below.

Best wishes to all, Pete.

My article in print

I submitted my old post ‘Socks’ to Longshot Island, and I am pleased to be able to tell you that it is now in ‘New Directions’, the fifth edition of their printed magazine. Here is a link to Blurb, where you can buy the magazine, if you wish.
Hilariously, it is credited under ‘Fashion’! 🙂 We both got the joke.

You will notice that ‘New Directions’ features art by my blogging friend, Jane Lee McCracken. More of her captivating work can be found here.

If you have ever thought about creating your own book or magazine, you can get a discount from Blurb via this link.

Fancy submitting your own story for consideration? Follow this link to Longshot Island, and press Submit, in the top right-hand corner.

And if you would like to read the original version of ‘Socks’ on my blog, here is a link to that.

Longshot Island offers a genuine opportunity for writers to get short stories, non-fiction articles, poems and other work published online, and sometimes in print too. It has no fees, and pays nothing for the work. However, you do get five free copies of the magazine to keep. Additionally, they offer very cheap classified advertising, where you can promote your latest book, service, or blog. Daniel is a very approachable man, and even if you are not successful the first time, you will get great feedback about anything you submit.

I recommend that you give it a try.

Blogger’s Books: Jack Eason

Jack is a writer and local blogger from my part of the country. He has a great new book out, and I am happy to feature it on this blog. Most of us know the date 1066 well, as the time of the Norman Conquest, and The Battle of Hastings. King Harold killed by an arrow in his eye, the Bayeux Tapestry, and the end of Anglo-Saxon rule in England.

But we rarely consider the events leading up to that drama, and that is what Jack has done, in his novel ‘Autumn 1066: The End Of Anglo-Saxon Dominance’. Jack takes the reader back to those times with his characters, and details of the hard life lived in this country. For anyone interested in history, especially the murky history of the 11th century, this looks like a great read indeed.

The book has received some excellent reviews on Amazon, and is available at a very good price too. Here’s a link.

And for anyone interested to learn more about Jack, here is his own short biography.

Jack Eason lived in New Zealand for forty-two years until 2000 when he returned to his birthplace in England. As far as he is concerned he will always consider himself to be a Kiwi. After military service in the 1960’s, he travelled the world, visiting exotic lands and making many friends. Now in his mid-sixties he is content to write and travel via the Internet. Besides writing novels and short stories, he contributes to his own blog “Have We Had Help?” Some of his short stories and numerous articles appear in the No: 1 online E-zine “Angie’s DIARY”. His literary interests include science fiction, history, both ancient and modern, and humorous tales like those written by his fellow writer Derek Haines, such as “HAL”. He lives in semi-retirement in his home town surrounded by his favourite books, ranging from historical fact to science fiction. His literary icons are J.R.R Tolkien, George Orwell, Arthur C Clarke and John Wyndham.

And this is a link to his own blog, where you can find out a lot more about his work.

Please check out the link to Jack’s new book, and see if it is something you would like to buy and read.