Blogging Mean Time

I think I have discovered a new ‘time’.  Perhaps I should be contacting Stephen Hawking, or some other learned physicist, and getting it registered in my name. There are lots of ‘times’ in The World, all in common use. We have Greenwich Mean Time, British Summer Time, Eastern Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time, and the others in the middle of the USA. European time is normally ahead of Britain too, and if you go South, expect to add a couple of hours at least. And, as a result of all these differentials, we have jet lag, Australians running a day early, and there is always a Financial Market open somewhere.

My discovery is something unique though. It doesn’t matter what part of the World you live in, my new time is always constant, relevant in every zone known to anyone with access to a computer, and a desire to write a blog. I have decided to call it Blogging Mean Time. I could have called it ‘beetleypete o’clock’, or something equally frivolous, but I felt it should carry more weight, as a newly discovered concept. Along with Light Years, Black Holes, and The Theory of Relativity, this gives a whole new meaning to how we perceive time, and may one day make clocks, and other timekeeping devices, totally redundant. It manifests itself in the most simple way. I will try to explain, with this basic equation;

‘-Log onto Blog, Read other Blogs and Posts, Write new posts, Comment on comments; = time speeding up X 3.’ Scientifically, this might read as follows;


Watch the clock on your computer as you are doing this, and you will be amazed to see that time has progressed forward, at around three times the normal rate, or even faster. What you thought was 45 minutes, has actually become three hours, and a quick 10 minutes to tidy up a post, took 90 minutes, in ‘real time’. If you consider this to be inaccurate, I suggest you recall some personal examples. Take the classic ‘are you coming to bed?’ discussion. You are at the keyboard, and it is 11.30pm. You are just going to pop on a quick post, or consider the Likes and Follows received by e mail. You reply, ‘yes I’ll be in in ten minutes.’ When you later turn off the PC to go to bed, you are horrified to see that the clock is reading 2.40am. But you were only typing for a few minutes. Sound familiar?

There is only one explanation. Blogging Mean Time. The actual bending of time, into the future, by the action of Blogging.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Mean Time

  1. Ha ha pete i totally agree! I try to avoid getting sucked into the blogging world too much during the day and will write posts at night so theyre scheduled for the mornings etc in the daytime I intend on ‘just doing some quick reads and likes so i can go back in the evening and read them again/comment etc’ and then I look at the clock and hours have passed. In between I get up and do chores etc but am pretty sure I live on autopilot.
    Its verging on an addiction. I blame this ‘folk’ water we are on Pete 😉


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