Fever Dreams

As whatever has me in its grip continues, something new has appeared. Spending much of each day in bed can be tiring in itself, but despite that, I am still managing to sleep at night. I have been waking up around 5 am, after deep sleeps lasting almost seven hours. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmingly hot as I wake, and freezing cold at other times, even though I am under a thick duvet.

That feverish condition brings with it some very unusual dreams.

Recent weird and wonderful dreams have been bizarre, and sometimes upsetting. I had one where Ollie ran across a busy road, and was hit by a huge tractor that was towing a trailer full of turnips. The turnips were all over the road surface, and I scooped Ollie up and put him in my car, driving over the crunchy turnips as I left. I drove the twelve miles to the Vet at breakneck speed, where I was told that nothing could be done for him. It was so vivid, that I woke up believing that Ollie was dead, and was very relieved to find him asleep on his bed in the kitchen.

One afternoon, I dropped off to sleep after coming home from taking Ollie out. Although still early, it was dark and cold, so bed seemed to be the best place for me. During that sleep, my brain transported me into a different life, one where I was married to someone I didn’t know at all. The woman looked something like a young Elizabeth Taylor, and had a Scottish accent. In the dream, she was acting just like we were married, and I was wondering who she was. The weird part (even weirder part) is that at one stage, she told me we had to “get into the cage”. I followed her into a large strong cage, made from black metal bars, and she closed the door of it with a sliding bolt. She then looked at her watch, and closed her eyes. Immediately, lots of bricks and rubble fell down around us, banging and clattering against the roof of the cage. When that had stopped, she opened the door, and began to clear away the debris, acting as if the event was completely normal.

When I woke up, I was genuinely surprised that I was no longer inside a large metal cage.

The last ‘fever dream’ took me to somewhere quite exotic. Palm trees, stormy skies, and a beach with white sand and blue seas. I was younger than I am now, around thirty years old. I could feel the humidity of the place (probably transferring the heat of my body) and smell the sea. Other people walked around, but seemed not to notice me. Some of them were dressed in heavy winter clothes, others in swimwear. A small boy wearing something like German Lederhosen approached me, and gave me a pineapple. His mother ran over and grabbed his hand, leading him away along the beach.
I was still eating that pineapple, when I suddenly woke up.

I still feel absolutely awful. But at least the dreams are interesting.

41 thoughts on “Fever Dreams

    1. Could be, Kim. I am always concerned about him near a main road. He has no road sense at all, so I have to keep him close to me, on his lead.
      I have lost the high temperature, but my head still feels like it’s inside a bag of foam! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Stay warm Pete and I hope this passes soon. Though by my reckoning it might be next week before you feel any better. I always have vivid and weird dreams too – though I can’t say I have hallucinated quite as much as you appear to be doing! Keep drinking those fluids! (AND I DO NOT MEAN WINE!!)

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  2. Get well soon, Pete. I can relate to that second dream in real life. Being a self confessed serial husband, there are many times I have wonders who that woman is (the current wife at each wondering). As I say, get well soon.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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    1. I don’t seem to be getting any better. Just had to cancel attending a family funeral on Friday, can’t face the journey. One of the few times over the past few days that I have been out of bed long enough to reply to comments. 🙂
      I thought about the boy with the pineapple. He might well have been a young Adolf Hitler! Crazy…
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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