London Life (2)

Following Part 1 of this old neglected post, here is Part 2. From the same year, (2012) and the early days of this blog.


To continue what may be an ongoing series about London, I am reflecting on how the people there have changed over the last 50 years. Since some time around 1980, or perhaps a bit before, there are certain things that you just don’t do, if you live in London. You never talk to strangers in the street. You may ask about buses, or trains, though only if at a bus stop, or on the platform of a station, and then, only if a suitable official is unavailable to answer your query.

You should not approach children, whether they are on their own, or in groups. This applies to an age range from about 8 years old, through to late teens. Children in London are streetwise and opportunistic, whatever their background, and will cause you more problems than you can ever imagine.

Avoid going upstairs on a bus, unless it is…

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8 thoughts on “London Life (2)

  1. My mother, cousin and I were tourists in London in 2014… in broad daylight, we were followed by 2 not too nice looking young guys…. we had to enter a shoe store and hang around for awhile( so , of course we had to buy shoes even if we didn’t need too .. there was very little space in our luggage ). I think we were in Nottingham.. not sure.

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    1. Nottingham is a real crime-ridden city, Ren. It is known as the ‘murder capital of England’. But it is a long way from London.
      Or did you mean ‘Notting Hill’, in London?
      Best wishes, Pete.

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