Postcards From Blogging Friends: Part Six


Cindy Bruchman is one of my dearest blogging friends. When I started this series about postcards, I teased her that she hadn’t sent me any, and sort-of ‘demanded’ she send me one showing a cactus. (She lives in Arizona)
Of course, I wasn’t serious, but she decided to deal with me by sending me no less than five postcards.
So here they are. (No cactus though!)

They were all posted in Cottonwood, Arizona, though three of them feature other parts of America, and the last two are views of Greek islands.

The Grand Canyon, during a lightning storm.

An historic building in Virginia, with a personal connection to Cindy.

The East Coast of America, North Carolina.

The Greek island of Mykonos, famous for its ancient windmills.

An old castle on the island of Patmos, in Greece.

My thanks to Cindy for taking so much trouble to send me a selection of cards. Also my continuing thanks to everyone who is still sending cards.
I got another one just now!

55 thoughts on “Postcards From Blogging Friends: Part Six

  1. Wow! These are all amazing postcards. I especially love the wonderful stamp on it. Seems in the past i should have visitied Patmos too. We only visited Egina and Delphi, and had a lot of Demestica, Metaxa and Ouzu. Next visit should be more with culture. LoL Michael

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    1. No need to feel bad, Suzan. I don’t care if you can’t send any.
      Thanks for the congratulations, I am very lucky to have such nice blogging friends.
      Best wishes, Pete. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Aww, that’s sweet. Your welcome. Even I am lucky to have such awesome blogging friends like you and Kim although my pretty lady is missing these days. I think I might have to visit Baker Street. ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ™‚โœŒ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon a number of times (I prefer the North Rim). On my most recent visit, there was a rainbow below the vantage point, and it was quite spectacular. The distance to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by car is 265 miles (North Rim) or 290 miles (South Rim). However, the Grand Canyon is over 100 miles closer by air. There are several helicopter tour companies in Las Vegas that offer intrepid tourists a ride to the canyon, with an option to visit the bottom.

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