Here is a passionate post from a young female blogger who has suffered from the hateful trend in ‘body shaming’. This may well have been around for centuries, but Social Media online has turned it into a modern epidemic.
Pleased read, and share the message.

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Have you heard of this word “body shaming“?Have you seen people go through it?? Do you know what it is? Or how it feels?? If you saw it happening, did you rescue them?? Do you know what it does to them?? Body shaming is such a great thing. It’s awesome, do you know why?

Because it ruins people’s lives. It tears them from the inside. It makes them hate their own body and in the end, breaks them down. If you are an awesome person that I probably think you are because you are giving my post so much time and are reading this right now, let me take you to a journey of body-shaming.

Love you all body-shamers out there. This blog is especially for you.

No welcomes as I said in my last post because welcoming the bitter truth into your life is difficult. So let’s…

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21 thoughts on “BODY SHAMING || REAL ISSUES’ QUIP.

  1. Wonderful posting. Thank you! Every human is unique, and wonderful in its shape and beeing. Most of bodyshaming is a part of the fashion industries. My explaination: Small people need less garnment. This save them (the industries) costs. 😉 Michael

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      1. A very good post, Pete! Thank you for sharing. Now i have to read the last sequels of your story. Sorry, i am very late, but last weekend we had a very bad internet connection. Horrible what happens since our officials had spoken about faster internet. Michael

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  2. This is soo true!

    Young people today are being smothered by ads, social media and tv with “the right look, right hair, right makeup or right clothes”

    I have a teenage daughter and I sure hope that I can teach her self love instead of being affected with how she is suppose to look, how her pictures are suppose to look like and that she should never let others tell her that she isn’t beautiful, isn’t good enough, she should just be the way god made her. As long as she is healthy and happy, then she has all the life goals that I wish for her just like my other children and that is what people should search for in life.

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    1. Ollie actually gets some body shaming, from other dog walkers. They say he looks grumpy, because of his saggy jowls. One woman once said, “What an ugly dog. Why would you want a wrinkly thing like that?”
      But the serious issue covered by Suzan’s post must not be overlooked. Young people are killing themselves because of this.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Thank you so much, Pete. You are a great friend. I hope people take this issue seriously. Btw I am going to read your second story today. Hope it’s fun. Thank you once again for all your support and love. You really are a great friend. 🙂✌☺

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