Keyboard annoyance

I have recently started to use the new keyboard I got for Christmas. It is identical to the old one that stopped being ‘recognised’ by my PC, for some reason.

However, it has developed an aversion to the letter ‘W’. Every word I type that includes that letter appears with the ‘W’ missing. Then I have to go back over everything I have typed, and insert the ‘W’ with great care.

This is very annoying, and it has also made me realise just how many words and names include a ‘W’.

It is also one of the reasons why my serial episode did not appear yesterday, as I got too frustrated to continue typing. Naturally, it is past the time when I could return it. I could raise a fault complaint with Amazon, but then I would have to send it back, and wait for a replacement or repair. I could just order another new one, but I don’t want to spend Β£30 on that at the moment.

In the current crisis, it is not a big deal. So please bear with me while I summon up the enthusiasm to struggle with that annoying ‘W’!

53 thoughts on “Keyboard annoyance

  1. I suppose it’s a good thing it was “w” instead of a vowel. I can imagine how annoying that would get. Better luck today, Pete.

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      1. Remember how long I couldn’t “like” r comment on some posts…I completely understand the frustration of something refusing to work as its supposed to – and instead of “work”, in honor of you I will use “function” instead!

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  2. This may sound daft but if you have a dishwasher then put the keyboard in and then dry out in the airing cupboard for 48 hours, it used to work back in the day, unless of course it was a laptop keyboard πŸ™‚

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      1. In OpenOffice click on Edit and you will see the function way down on the dropdown menu. In Word, I think (it has been a while for me) it is in the “What do you want to do” box. Type it in. Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. An a k ard situation like that is ne s orthy. I kno it must be hard to s allo . Lo do n keyboard! I advise you to either ork on it, or else thro it out the indo and alk a ay.

    (An awkward situation like that is newsworthy. I know it must be hard to swallow. Lowdown keyboard! I advise you to either work on it, or else throw it out the window and walk away.)

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  4. Is it missing every time? Or does it sometimes work?
    Might there be something stuck in there that’s stopping it bedding down properly? Or is it behaving more like a dodgy connection? (that a computer repair place might be able to fix?)

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    1. It works when I concentrate on hitting the key carefully. But type at normal speed, and it doesn’t register. I suspect you are right about a connection fault.
      Thanks, Cathy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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