Bad News From WordPress

In case you haven’t seen the notifications, WordPress will shortly be doing away with the ‘Old Editor’, and forcing us to use the ‘New’ Block Editor. This supposedly improved Gutenberg editor will replace even the original block editor, so everyone on this platform will have to bite the bullet and try to cope with it.

I have written before about how I consider it TOTALLY UNNECESSARY for WordPress to do this. People who are not good with technology -like me- are dreading this all over the blogging community. As with so many things in the modern world, WordPress is choosing to ignore the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ commonsense maxim, and I have yet to read any reasonable excuse as to why they consider the change is worthwhile.

If ‘business users’ find the new system better, then let it just be an option for them. That should be easy enough for WP to arrange.

Paying to blog won’t help. I pay for a plan, but that will still not allow me to keep my cherished ‘Original Editor’. Many current bloggers struggle to get the best out of the basic system, and they will now be forced to try to adapt to a change that seemes to me to offer no discernible improvement for the average blogger.

June the first is the big day, so brace yourselves!

I am very serious about this, and worried that I may get so frustrated with trying to cope, I might have to give up my one real joy in life, blogging.

If any of you very tech-savvy bloggers have an ‘idiots guide’ to the new system, or even screenshot tutorials, I for one would be grateful to see them.

**UPDATE** Video guide from Fraggle, via this link.

Another short fast track guide from Ron in Alabama.

Quick and Dirty (New WP Editor)


Otherwise, I might be saying a sad ‘Farewell’ to you all, on June 1st.

If that happens, it’s been fun, and I send you all my best wishes.

178 thoughts on “Bad News From WordPress

  1. They say most bloggers don’t use PCs or laptops? That makes no sense to me. Trying to write a whole post using a smartphone sounds like an exercise in frustration. Just trying to write a Twitter post that way is aggravating! So slow, always hitting the wrong letters or changing keyboards to find a symbol…. Ugh! Who on earth would choose to do it that way for blogging most of the time? Give me my keyboard so I can type 70wpm!

    I’ve been pretty happy with ClassicPress. No blocks, no Gutenberg, no Powers That Be telling me if I should be allowed to post a word or phrase in red now and then. Now hopefully the plugins will keep working….


    1. Evidence shows that most bloggers actually do use smartphones, with tablets and i-Pads a close second. Someone like me who uses a PC to blog is considered to be very old-fashioned now.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m totally disgusted. I too have noticed the condescending attitude the WP staff has when we tell them we don’t want the new system. I’m a writer, I don’t think in blocks. Classic editor worked for me. Gutenberg doesn’t

    But more often than not, if you complain, you get a passive aggressive remark about “not wanting to try something new.” blah blah blah

    I do feel like this block editor was FORCED on us. WP simply doesn’t seem to care about writers or want our feedback. I’ve seen NUMEROUS complaints from bloggers about Gutenberg, but THEY DON’T CARE.

    I can’t even find where to switch back to the Classic editor. Something in forums about going to Admin, but no other instructions. WP, come on. Walk me through it like I’m five. I’m not a techie.

    I’m so sick of their condescending, superior attitude, their forced changes (this is NOT the first time they’ve done this) and unhelpful “help.”

    I think I may be going to Medium. They seem to be a more writer friendly platform.
    Thanks for posting.

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    1. I feel exactly the same. I posted a contact email for a WP staff member who is supposed to be making the new editor more accessible. WordPress removed all of the text in my post, and replaced it with a message from them. They really do not care about any bloggers who are not professional or business users.
      I am still using the old system via admin dashboard.
      Go to the left menu, scroll down to
      > Add New
      Don’t know how long that option will remain though.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. The new editor is a nightmare. WordPress obviously wants people to leave the platform. Their support is just an awful customer service team without any knowledge or ability to solve the technical problems that their new editor causes. They just justify issues with misinformation. We all have to ask for refunds!

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