Music, and Writing

I am one of those people that does not like distractions when I am writing. Other than Ollie snoring beside my desk, I like to write in silence.

However, many writers not only enjoy listening to music as they write, they draw inspiration from it for scenes in their books.

Here is an article that explains how one writer channels music to add creativity to her work.

How Music Influences Writing

41 thoughts on “Music, and Writing

  1. You’re definitely right that everybody draws inspiration in different ways. I am one of those people who always listen to music when writing! It influences my writing a great deal, I’d say music is my biggest inspiration for everything I do. I do notice though that if I’m listening to a sad song my writing will show that. It can be a hinderance though when I’m not trying to write about melancholy things. I have to set the mood with the right songs or else I can get distracted or off track.
    Great post.

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  2. I’m more like you, Pete. When I’m reading or writing, I like to be in the quietest environment. I was always blown away by kids in my class who could read when five other noisy activities were going on in class. Somehow they could tune it all out.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting video, Pete. Klausbernd and I are both the same. When we write, we prefer to do so without any distractions at all, no music, no radio in the background.
    Hope you are both feeling a wee bit better today.

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      1. Aaah. I dread getting the flu or a cold at this time. The sun is fighting hard to come through so we’ll grab the opportunity to walk to the reserve without getting wet and see the new photographic exhibition. This is one of the very few exhibitions where you can spontaneously enter without pre-booking a time slot.
        Give Ollie a big pat from me. x

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  4. ALWAYS music is on when I write. That article summed up how I am with writing and also reading novels. The short stories on my blog are inspired by song lyrics, so music is THE main inspiration.

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