An Alphabet Of Things I Like: S

Salt isn’t good for you, so they say. It causes all sorts of medical problems, including the exacerbation of Hypertension.

But I like the taste of salt, and it has its place in history too. Right back to records of Roman times, we are told the importance of salt to that empire.

It was also used to preserve meat on long sea voyages, and to make it edible when it had been kept for too long in hot climates. Some foods benefit greatly from the addition of salt, to improve an otherwise bland taste. I like crisps (chips) that are salted, and I put salt on chips (French fries) to make them taste better. If I spend any length of time eating food that has no salt added, I can feel an actual craving for the taste.

We need some salt in our diet, that is a fact. But we also add far too much to what we eat in general, another fact.

These days, I no longer use the refined, powdery salt of my youth. I prefer sea salt, bought as crystals.

I like to rub this into the skin of any meat I am cooking, along with some black pepper. I also add it to the water before boiling most vegetables, especially potatoes. I could not imagine eating cucumber and tomatoes without adding some salt to them,

Bad for me or not, I just enjoy the taste.

48 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Like: S

  1. Luckily we have salt flats quite close to us so my salt comes from there…I use salt its the salt/sugar which is in processed foods which cause most of the health problems throughout the world, not the salt added to cooking or at the table we need some salt to survive …I love salt ..

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  2. I have avoid using salt since my early 20s when I found that most salt was controlled by Morton-Thiokol which also was heavy into nukes… was just a personal boycott that I have never stopped. chuq

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  3. I try and cut back when I cook, but only to offset the excess that everyone else in Poland uses 🙂
    Essential for getting a good crackling on pork and the crystals make a good abrasive when mixed with oil and garlic to make a paste that should be smothered on lamb before roasting….I’m getting hungry now:)

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  4. Author Mark Kurlansky wrote a great book called “Salt” that showcases it’s important role in history…as your graphic points out…food has such a vital role in our world, and salt is perhaps the universal spice…great post Pete

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    1. I am also in the ‘too much’ category, Mary. But then I do most things ‘too much’. It goes back to something we used to say in the early 1970s, as a group of friends.
      “Say YES to excess”.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. I hate typos but once they’re out there there’s no getting them back! Or maybe I put an extra ‘S’ on ‘have’ just to celebrate today’s category. And yes, ‘S’ is my favorite letter for obvious reasons.

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  5. It took several years before I could enjoy food without adding salt to it. However, my wife has a medical condition that is brought on by too much salt so we have been on a reduced salt diet for a decade and a half now. I still enjoy olives and popcorn with salt. Warmest reards, Theo

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    1. I buy pitted black olives in brine, and usually add them to pizzas, and some other recipes. Julie doesn’t like too much salt though, so I am careful when preparing something we will both eat.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. I’m salty too! And in fact am currently bathing an injured/infected leg with salt water twice everyday as I can’t get to the doc’s for antibiotics. It’s healing nicely. It’s better on chips though. With vinegar. 🙂

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  7. I like salt too, but am trying to watch the fact that I don’t too much salt too things. I once had some fries at McDonalds once where there was so much salt on them that I honestly was eating more salt than fries. Overall though, I do like salty things better than sweet things, especially crisps. But….well you know my stomache, he usually doesn’t agree with that fact!😅😅

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  8. I’m the opposite – I never add salt to anything. The only time I ever ate anything salty was when I had my radiotherapy. All foods tasted revolting for about 3 months except salty foods, which tasted as they should. Consequently I ate more bacon and crisps than I’d ever eaten in my life! Back to normal now though.

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    1. You have taken the healthy and sensible option, Stevie. If I stopped adding salt to certain foods, like chips or eggs, I just wouldn’t bother to eat them anymore. (That might also be a good thing of course)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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