Some Good News: Less Serial Killers

Your chance of being being the victim of a serial killer is one less thing to worry about in 2020.

Some good news for once is about the decline in serial killings in America.

Since the ‘boom times’ for serial killers in the 1970s and 1980s, the trend has shown a dramatic fall, reaching rock bottom recently.

This article explains it in more detail, in case you are interested.

43 thoughts on “Some Good News: Less Serial Killers

  1. As “2581john” mentions, “Their Modus Operandi has just changed with the times.”
    There are a number of factors that could be highlighted as to why Serial Killers are not around any longer, if this is even according to the reality.
    Due to new gear, police and investigator or any other relevant institutions possesses, it is much easier, time efficient and the evidence might be more accurate to incriminate and close a case. As such, a Serial Killer might be stopped before is even named as such.
    Otherwise, maybe, just maybe they are not caught.
    Today you might read about stabbings, tomorrow about shooting, the day after about raping and so on. Who says that cases are not related? Is only down to the police to say “we have a serial killer” and the papers will take it over towards some crazy dimensions. Maybe Police had enough about the back stage games when it comes to newspaper over exaggerated titles.
    Obviously, maybe none is right. But then, where are they? They couldn’t just vanish.

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  2. I’m definitely at less risk than I was in the seventies and eighties when two of the killers on your list lived in the Seattle area, and one of them actually lived next door. Yes, true. No, I didn’t make the connection till later.

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                  1. See, so many options! Thanks for the offer. ☺ Not sure I have the ‘story’ yet.. but it has been stirring in me since a recent made for TV movie aired bringing the killer into the news again.., though I didn’t watch it…

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  3. Pete,
    I doubt that ‘serial killers’ have gone away. Their Modus Operandi has just changed with the times.

    The very murky case of Marc Dutroux infers a ‘kidnap to order’ deal with unknown but powerful people. His substantial parole after serving only three years for kidnapping and raping five girls seemed suspicious at the time, as did his ownership of numerous safe houses while having no discernible income.

    Simply put, I suspect some serial killers are employed by global paedophile networks to do the risky kidnap and detention work in exchange for shared access to the victims and reduced risk of prosecution. All they have to do is maintain a well stocked cellar.

    The borderless policy of the EU makes it easy to travel considerable distances with little scrutiny.

    There were enough suspicious things going on in Haiti in recent years with even a few convictions for child smuggling, to evidence that disaster and conflict zones etc provide plenty of children to go around…

    It’s got to be easier than driving about in a VW beetle.

    Just a thought.

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      1. I respectfully disagree. ‘less’ is used when something can’t be counted, otherwise it’s ‘fewer’. The same with’amount’ and’number’

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