A Blogging Year

Only a couple of days to go before the end of 2020, a year that most of us will be pleased to see the back of. Let’s hope that vaccination programmes will lead to some major improvements in 2021, and life might start to feel normal again for many of us. Those who have lost loved ones will still find it hard to cope of course, and the businesses forced to close, and those who have lost careers or jobs, will face a complete readjustment of their lives.

In the world of blogging, lockdowns and lack of movement saw an explosion of new bloggers like never before. Many hoped to increase their income, or just start an online business. Whether by offering SEO and other blogging services, online courses, or just selling cosmetics. Thousands of entrepreneurial people took to blogging as a route to make some money. Most found out that it doesn’t work like that. Bloggers do not rush to buy such services, especially blog promotion services, fake reviews, and social media accounts that are built up to 5,000 followers before being offered for sale.

Do people actually buy Twitter Accounts, Instagram Accounts, or someone else’s blog? That was a new one for me, in a strange year.

Like some other bloggers, a little more time on my hands meant that I posted more. As well as fiction serials, I explored some more random stuff, and the popularity of those posts took me by surprise. I hardly posted photos during the past year. I lost the ‘muse’ for photography, along with any desire to read fiction. That surpised me, as I had been doing well with reading up to that point. But lack of concentration seemed to be one side effect of tthe pandemic that tended to overwhelm me at times.

2020 also saw an increase in followers, as new bloggers looked around for blogs to follow, and blogging communities to become part of. The other side of that coin was losing some regular followers that had been around for years. Maybe they stopped blogging, got fed up with following my particular blog, or just found a new hobby to pursue.

Some died during the past year, which was sad to hear. Others took extended breaks from blogging; whether through illness, lack of continued interest, or the pressures associated with dealing with familiy and work during a very difficult time. I hope some of them come back, I really do.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has stuck by my blog, during this unprecedented year in our lifetimes. All the followers and friends who have been around since the start, and those new followers who have thrown themselves into blogging, and become great members of our small community.

I thank each and every one of you for your comments, your likes, and your emails. Thanks for reading my very long serials, and my everyday stuff about walking a dog in all weathers.

In your own ways, you have got me through 2020. I doubt I could have done it without you.

73 thoughts on “A Blogging Year

  1. I still love your blog. We have been friends a while now.Recently someone asked me about covid in the UKI said, I will ask my friend about it. It feels good to say that and it makes the world feel a bit more cozy. Blessings to the year ahead.!

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  2. Who could have predicted a year like this, like you, Pete it has been fellow bloggers who have kept me sane…ish! haha…I had high hopes fr next year way back around June and now…I am not sure what 2021 will bring especially with the increases and new strains of covid popping up around the world. I think a reset is called for xx

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    1. I have already written off 2021, and it’s not even here yet. I am banking on seeing 2022 though, when I will reach my milestone of 70 years old. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x


      1. Well I was making plans for mine in Sept 2021 but who knows, Pete I am not counting on it coming off at the moment as my family is scattered around the world and if travel is still restricted …That will disappoint me ..but hey ho…x

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  3. You are a solid rock in a stormy sea Pete, if you stopped blogging it would harder to deal with than Covid πŸ™‚
    With your birthday milestone ahead, you may well get the vaccine a little sooner πŸ™‚

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    1. Cheers, Eddy. I am 69 in March, so will have to wait a while for the vaccine. Julie should get it soon, as she works for the NHS. Then I will get it when my age group gets to the top of the queue.
      Thanks for your kind words mate.

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  4. I love the blogging community, warm, welcoming, and encouraging! I’m so glad I found your blog Pete, it’s kept my spirits up, I felt a sense of belonging, and met so many wonderful writers. Grateful you stayed with it and continued sharing your stories, warmly, C

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  5. I still need to catch back up on the Western story which I missed. But I wish you a great 2021. I never knew how important blogging was until this pandemic. I call all of you my friends when I mention something, and I realize that I have come to think of you all as true friends. I am so glad you didn’t quit over the block editor kerfuffle.

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  6. It’s an interesting world, Pete…I had one follower who liked every single thing I posted for several years, then abruptly stopped about halfway through the year…she still posts, comments on your blog for example, but just stopped doing the same to mine…who knows why, you only notice because this community does have a sense of continuity, so it’s easy to sense when someone drops out, or unfollows…that said, it’s great to discover new voices and get new followers who are active and insightful, which also happened! Here’s to a fascinating 2021~

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  7. Yes, I’ve had an explosion of new followers. After the halcyon days of blogging hardly anyone bothered to follow me until lockdown. Since then every day or so another signs up. My vanity would like them to be genuine, but I’m afraid most are claiming to increase traffic to my site. Once this is over I’ll be back with most of the world’s population ignoring me.

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  8. Pete, this community has been a source of comfort especially this year when the world seemed to spin off its axis. I have always appreciated your generosity to this community and to me. I do hope for a kinder and healthier new year for all of us. For those people who lost loved ones, the heartache of this year will be with them for years to come. We still have a long winding road ahead of us so here’s hoping people will mask up and the vaccination program will have the desired result.

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  9. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this year. I was one of the lucky ones, I only lost going to the gym. Outside of that, I needed a mask to get into any store. I could not imagine trying to raise my son and being a single parent again in these times! It is for those people I sincerely hope 2021 improves their lives!!

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  10. You’re very welcome, Pete, and I always enjoy reading your serials and blogs, even if your views on things are not 100% in accord with mine, which doesn’t matter a jot, of course, because I know everything you say is genuine, and it is always good to see a subject from someone else’s point of view. I’m looking forward to warmer weather & longer days, when my urge to hibernate should subside, and I might be able to get a bit more done with my days! Cheers, Jon.

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      1. That’s absolutely right, Pete, and I know how lucky I am! [which also comes home to me when I compare my broken sleep, with the easy solution of just going back to sleep soon as, with that of my recent granddaughter’s parents, who have no option but to look to the baby’s needs!] πŸ˜€ Swings & roundabouts, I guess. Cheers, Jon.

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