Foreign students

After yesterday’s post relating to foreign exchange students, I was reminded of this old post, one that many of you have never seen.


In 1978, we had moved to a house in Wimbledon, an affluent suburb of South London. The mortgage was manageable, but with interest rates above 12% and climbing, any help with finances was always appreciated. My first wife, then working as a college lecturer, had planned to take on examination marking during the holidays; a temporary, albeit well-paid extra job. I was working as a company representative, on a fair salary, with a new car supplied. Still, we had to run the other car, and the house needed repainting, as well as some other minor jobs. We considered our options to generate extra income, and they were few. My wife noticed an advertisement in the local newspaper. Host families required, for French students visiting the area, to improve their English skills. The remuneration offered was £40 a week, almost 70% of what I was getting, as an acceptable salary. It…

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14 thoughts on “Foreign students

    1. It was third time lucky with the last girl, and we ended up being pleased we did it.
      I lived in Braemar Avenue, near the park gates and close to Wimbledon Park Tube. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


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