Dog Language

We all know that dogs can’t talk, but instead have their ways to show us how they are feeling. Using posture, tail movements, and occasionally barking. We can often manage to translate a lot of that into understanding their moods or desires.

I found these three graphics on Pinterest, and they all seem to agree on what our best friends are trying to ‘say’. I recognise so much of this from Ollie, and if you have a pet dog, or have ever owned one, I am sure you will find it familiar too.

62 thoughts on “Dog Language

  1. I just saw this same drawing from the person who is going to teach us to train our puppy. It is wonderfully helpful. I just wish I had seen it fifty years ago when I got my first dog. I constantly misread our dogs.

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  2. Great stuff. We have seen an old dog with diabetes on line and may consider looking at it. We don’t think many folk will want it as it might be expensive to keep but it looks lovely. It’s a shnautzer. Wish us luck!

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  3. Good stuff, Pete. Most of it seems right on the money with my experiences with dogs. Another dog language we have to learn is mastering what all of their different barks mean. Lately, our dog has started to howlโ€”quite odd that she has just started this at age 7.

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        1. I doubt we do that to them, they have their own inner demons, I’m sure. My feeling is that dogs miss being part of a pack, and are constantly trying to assess their position in the ‘pecking order’ of a household. But I have no evidence to base that on.

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    1. And very accurate too, Jennie.
      Perhaps it would be a fun exercise with your kids? They could pretend to be dogs, and how to show canine feelings.
      If they have a dog in the family, it will teach them to understand the pet better. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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