Outside: Part Thirty

This is the thirtieth part of a fiction serial, in 728 words.

Feeling angry about the window cleaner, Thomas decided to punish Gillian for not telling him. Securing one arm to the bed, he pushed the commode nearer. “You didn’t tell me about the window cleaner. That was very naughty, so you have to learn a lesson. No food today, and you have to use the commode. I will bring you up some water later, but that’s it. Give me any backtalk, and the gag is going on. Got that?” Gillian nodded, worried by the change in his mood.

As she settled back down on the bed, already hungry after being told she would get nothing to eat, her main concern was to worry that he wouldn’t want to have sex with her today.

She had started to look forward to it.

To release some of his stress, Thomas cycled thirty miles on the exercise bike. After that, he had a bath, then made some toast with granary bread, topping it with a delicious Ardennes Pâté. Sipping a glass of Saint-Émilion as he watched the news, he started to wonder about whatever else the stupid young woman had failed to mention.

Up in her mum’s bedroom, Gillian had struggled to use the commode, and flopped back into bed feeling exhausted. She could not remember ever going a day without food, and treating her like that because of the window cleaner seemed so unfair. So much had happened, how was she supposed to remember to tell him about a window cleaner. Perhaps he wasn’t as nice as she had started to believe he was.

Her conclusion was that she was going to have to be much more careful.

By the time he had calmed down, it was almost the usual dinnertime. She could survive a day without food to teach her a lesson, he thought. In fact, she could survive a week or more without food, given her size. But by seven that night, he was feeling some familair stirrings, and decided not to deny himself. Selecting a bar of Lindt ninety percent cocoa chocolate, he went upstairs.

When she saw the chocolate bar, her eyes lit up. But she said nothing as he removed the insert from the commode and took it into the bathroom to empty it and wash it. When he came back, he undressed next to the bed, inclining his head in the direction of the chocoalte bar, placed out of her reach on the floor.

“If you are nice to me, if you are loving and affectionate, you will get the chocolate. If I am not convinced, you get nothing”. She nodded. “I will be all of that”.

The chocolate tasted so good, it was just a pity that it wasn’t a much bigger bar. The man had left a two-litre bottle of water by the bed, and she gulped down some of that before relaxing. It was so boring with no television, the hours seemed to drag on relentlessly. But after lying quietly for a while, she drifted off to sleep.

She woke quite early the next morning, then heard the familiar whirring sound from downstairs, wondering what he was doing. That morning, a rejuvenated Thomas managed fifty miles on the exercise bike before he stopped for a shower.

After he had made Eggs Florentine for breakfast, he walked into the bedroom with a smile on his face. “If you promise to behave, you can join me downstairs for a delicious breakfast, then have a bath. Agreed? Gillian nodded enthusiastically. Although she had never seen spinach before, let alone eaten it, it seemed just like overcooked spring greens, and she ate everything in seconds. Thomas decided to try an experiment.

“I’m glad you enjoyed your food. Now go up and have a bath. You can use the toilet in the bathroom today, no commode”. The naked woman ran upstairs, seemingly as excited as a small child, and he was happy. She was beginning to understand how it worked.

Taking her time in the bath, Gillian thought it was high time she shaved her legs and under her arms. But when she looked in the bathroom cabinet for her Venus razor, it was gone. He must have removed it in case she used it to hurt him.

Relishing the taste of his breakfast, Thomas was considering watching the morning news.

Then the door buzzer sounded.

38 thoughts on “Outside: Part Thirty

  1. (1a) Overheard;
    Thomas: “You didn’t tell me about the window cleaner.”
    Gillian: “I didn’t think you were interested. Well, his name is Erwin Dowcaster. He’s married to Clara, and they have two children, a daughter named Meara, and a son named Douglas. Meara cares for an imaginary pet rabbit, and Douglas experiments with crystal meth. I often reflect on this wonderful family. For example, why do the Dowcasters prefer frangipane to marzipan. I could go on and on about Erwin and his family, if you want to know more!”
    (1b) Clearly, that window cleaner has become a pane in the derrière.
    (2) The problem with exercise bikes is that the scenery never changes.
    (3) I wonder what people drink at the Saint-Émilion jazz festival?
    (4) Ardennes Pâté is good. Spread the news.
    (5a) I know people celebrate Lindt, but Godiva chocolates also get accolades. And since Gillian is naked…
    (5b) Speaking of Gillian being naked, did Thomas throw out all her clothes? She’s free to run around the house… But maybe she’s a closet nudist. (I’d say naturist, but she doesn’t go outside.)
    (6) Spinach for breakfast? I so strongly object to that, you’d have to twist my arm to get me to eat that in the morning. (And besides, who in their right mind, besides Popeye, would think of spinach for breakfast?)
    (7) Taking her time in the river, she thought it was high time she shaved her legs and under her arms. But her husband, Harry Sasquatch, said she’d look really strange if she did that.

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