January Sunday Morning Musings From Beetley

Well for once some retribution might be due for the ‘entitled’. Prince Andrew (now just ‘Andrew’) has to fight the sexual offences allegations in court, and lost his free ride thanks to his mother. It seems more likely he will pay off the accuser, as he will not appear in court in America, so would be destined to lose the case.


The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had to apologise to parliament for breaking the laws surrounding Covid lockdowns. That sparked speculation that he is on his way out, and in advance of the report commissioned to investigate the accusations, he has seen fit to ‘disappear’. Many of his former political allies and friends look very uncomfortable as they try to defend the indefensible in his absence.


If you read my recent post, you will know that Julie celebrated her birthday on Friday, and had a lovely day. We both enjoyed an excellent celebratory meal that evening.


Ollie’s fur has still not grown back, but he seems healthy and happy otherwise. Unfortunately, he has started to notice the antibiotic tablets in the meat we wrap them up in, and on a few occasions we have had to force them down his throat. That is distressing, but he needs to finish the course. He has to go back to the Vet next week at some stage for his treatment to be reviewed.


The time is coming for our five-yearly trimming of the Oak trees. Our neighbour thankfully took on the task of getting estimates for the work, which should happen before the end of March. This year, they varied wildly, with one company wanting to charge more than three times the estimate of two others. It is an annoying job, as it has to be done by people approved by the Council Tree Officer. He then inspects the work after. So we can’t just employ a willing man with a big saw!


The sun is out again this morning, but it is still a chilly 5C. At least no rain is forecast.


I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I am cooking a venison casserole for dinner tonight.


59 thoughts on “January Sunday Morning Musings From Beetley

  1. I so enjoy your Sunday musings, Pete. Shame on Boris! I feel sorry for Queen Elizabeth, knowing what Andrew did. Give Ollie a pat for me. And is it true that Britain lifted mask mandates?

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    1. Yes. As from the 20th, masks are no longer compulsory anywhere in England.
      The one exception is on London’s Transport system, as the Mayor of London has retained compulsory masks for anyone using buses, trams, and trains in London.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’m enjoying these Sunday Morning Musings Pete, I was out of town for the better part of the week and prior to that had guests at the house! I feel as if I’m always catching up. Thinking of Ollie and hoping you’re done with the meds by now, pass on some joyful birthday wishes to Julie, and that casserole sounds scrumptious! Hugs, C

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    1. We have a very busy Tree Officer. Not only are there numerous fallen trees that have to be dealt with, there are also many thousands of ‘Protected Oaks’ that are registered and have to be inspected. Including the two at our house. The Tree Officer even has an assistant! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. It was unlikely he could ever be King unless most of his relatives died together in a freak accident.. First Charles, then William, then William’s children, then their children, and so on. Andrew wouldn’t have featured, and it’s the same with Harry.

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            1. I think it was always going to happen, in an atmosphere of contrived controversy, and collusion with the press to promote that. He is so far from ever becoming King, I suspected he would want to chase a celebrity lifestyle with his actress wife instead. Now he wants the UK to pay for his police protection in North America. Those people are so ‘entitled’, they literally expect everything to be handed to them. Markle was a (3-million) dollar millionaire when they married, and that is more than enough for any normal person to live a happy life.
              As you can tell, I am not a Royalist.
              Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. (1) When you say that Andrew has lost his free ride, does that mean that Virginia Giuffre is now charging him a princely sum to ride her?
    (2) Johnson v. Johnson.
    (3) Julie’s birthday meal? That rings a bell…
    (4) Can’t they make squirrel-flavored antibiotic tablets?
    (5) Before they trim the oak tree, please remove Sophie’s body.
    (6) The Sun is out? You’d better pick up that tabloid newspaper before the neighbors grab it.
    (7) I would deerly love to taste venison casserole.

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  4. Poor Ollie. It’s awful having to medicate pets. I am so lucky that Willow volunteers for her twice daily! She learned it on her own and I was astonished, but very grateful. We had -20C this morning.

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  5. From what I’ve read and hear [which may not be that accurate, who knows with the media] Andrew is fortunate not to go to jail. BJ has behaved badly and set a poor example and I’m glad it has been noted and he has been forced to apologies. I wonder what was going on his head when he made those decisions. Such things always come out.

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  6. I like to read your sunday morning musings so much.

    I also hope that both get their just punishment and cannot buy their freedom.

    Today we will have beef roulades with Brussels sprouts and potatoes.
    Best wishes, Irene

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  7. Andrew’s had to sell off his ski chalet to pay legal bills as Mummy won’t give him any more money. Oh dear, what a shame. Apparently Ms Guiffre doesn’t want money though – she wants justice. Let’s hope she gets it.

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