Thailand’s Tourist Boom

Thailand is legalising the growing and sale of full medical grade Cannabis from next month. I anticipate a tourist boom.

Some quotes from various sources in Thailand.

Authorities are also exploring the idea of a “cannabis sandbox” that would allow tourists to visit the country while recreationally using cannabis in select areas, to help create destinations synonymous with the drug.

Linn is optimistic that the bill will help Thailand rebuild its economy post-Covid. “Nothing as small as marijuana use can save [an economy], but I think it could provide a spark,” he said.

Kitty Chopaka, an independent cannabis advocate based in Bangkok, says “industry people” from places including Australia, the UK and Canada are already contacting her about plans to visit Thailand following the announcement. “People are going to come to Thailand trying to find cannabis,” she says.

Cannabis is Thailand’s ‘secret weapon’ to lure back tourists after Covid, public health official says.

Amsterdam had better watch out. There’s a new kid on the block.

31 thoughts on “Thailand’s Tourist Boom

  1. We should place an order with Carol. Lol Maybe Carol will soon also post recipes using this herb. 😉 Honestly during my study time and also during militar service cannabis and other drugs were regularely offered to me. I always resisted. Normal smoking is enough for me. xx Michael

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  2. Thailand is a great place but there are some very dodgy things going on there and always have been. I saw the article about the government giving away the plants but I didn’t read further. When governments are involved there will be tears.

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      1. They also offer (or did, I’m not up to date) cheap surgical procedures, like tummy-tucks etc. It is certainly a curious place. Did you see “The serpent”? I couldn’t watch it all because I got fed-up with the acting, but it is a chilling tale.

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  3. Pete, not sure why, but your last few posts haven’t shown up on the “reader”…anyway, as someone who lives in a state of legalized marijuana, its a smelly, disgusting business

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  4. Interesting, although not something that would make me visit the country. (I hate the smell of the thing!) Having read John Dolan’s books set there, I am more interested than I was before, though. Have a good weekend, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Olga. Like most people of my generation, I tried various drugs during the 1970s. But I found I became sluggish on them, and got nothing done. Thailand interests me, but there are many more places I would rather visit.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. it was sex there for a while & still is, mostly american & aussie men, quite happy to come home disease ridden but the husbands & parents of these Thai girls happy for the income.
    Similarly, NZ has many Indian, Asian & Pacific workers here who send all their earnings back to their parents. Its a big issue here as they go without & starve so they can send their earnings home.

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