Another Heatwave, And Now A Drought

Yesterday, temperatures climbed back up to 36C (96F) in some parts of England. This heralded the start of another predicted heatwave, due to last for four days until it cools a little on Monday. By late Saturday, we may have seen hotspots of 38C in some areas. That is 100 degrees to those of us old enough to remember when we measured the old way.

Alongside the heatwave comes news of a drought. Some water companies have already introduced restrictions on water pressure, and banned the use of hosepipes and sprinklers. The rest will soon have no option but to follow suit. Reservoirs around England are at their lowest capacity since 1976, and the farmers are warning of crop failures this year, and of not being able to plant anything to harvest in 2023. This is forecast to mean higher prices for potatoes, bread, sugar, beer, pasta, breakfast cereals, and many other staples.

On top of the health issues caused by the heat, those price rises will hit people hard. The same people struggling to pay sky-high electricity and gas bills, and trying to afford to put enough petrol in their cars so they can get to work.

River water levels are very low too. So low that fish and other water-wildlife are suffering. The water quality is deteriorating as the river flow becomes sluggish, and all other wildlife dependent on rivers for drinking water is under threat.

Doom and gloom indeed!

And all I wanted was a nice summer for a change.

Be careful what you wish for.

46 thoughts on “Another Heatwave, And Now A Drought

  1. I know it’s misery, but this heat wave will pass. We go through this about every other summer in Texas. This year we have had 63 days with temps 100 degrees and above and very little rain. Hope you get some rain and cooler temps soon.

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  2. I remember 1976. Wasn’t there supposed to be a risk of the Thames running dry? It’s hard to imagine, but I do know it was fairly serious. And elsewhere people are drowning in floods. The planet is protesting.

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    1. 1976 was hotter for much longer. Three straight months of 30+ temperatures and very little rain. I remember driving to Gatwick Airport to sleep in the airconditioning in the terminal one Sunday night. We also spent one night sleeping outside on a blanket on Wimbledon Common. That was a mistake, as I got dozens of insect bites!
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I’m enjoying no rain, but it looks like the farmers are going to suffer around here. Ollie doesn’t enjoy it much, and he seems to be exhausted.
      (29C here currently, and set to get to 31C by 4pm.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Shock, horror, probe! The Climate people have been shown to be nothing more than alarmists since science has proved that The Great Barrier Reef is not dying after all! As for this latest warm period, nature is merely cycling our weather patterns as per normal. In other words this hot spell is nothing out of the ordinary!!!

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  4. Is it bad of me to actually enjoy the warm, dry weather? Very unusual for Cornwall, at least these parts. If only we could have some gentle overnight rain it would be perfect. I do agree that anything over 26 degrees is too hot!

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    1. Not at all. I am enjoying it too. I love not being wet all the time! It is just uncomfortable around 9pm, when it can still be 24C here in this current weather. I manage to sleep okay with a big fan on me.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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