More Of My London Memories In Photos

I managed to find an interesting selection of photos covering the period from 1957-1966. At the time, I was aged 5-14, but not much changed during those nine years.

Small boys collecting Train Numbers at a mainline station, late 1950s. Hard to believe now, but that was a ‘big thing’ up until the late 1960s. I did it a few times with friends in the school holidays.

People queuing to buy groceries from an open air shop, 1957.

‘Glamour girls’ being used to promote cycling as healthy, early 1960s.

The Supremes (with Diana Ross) taking a photo opportunity with some rag and bone men, mid 1960s.

A respectable young couple on an underground train, early 1960s.

A gang of ‘Teddy Boys’, late 1950s. These fans of Rock and Roll music were known for their violence and street fighting.

Mods on their Italian scooters, mid 1960s.

Soho, 1966. A ‘Sex Shop’and Striptease show combined.

Soho, 1966. A ‘Sex Cinema’.

Soho, 1966. A Strip Club.

The famous ‘2 i’s’ coffee bar, Soho. Many pop stars of the day were discovered there, including the young Cliff Richard. (Photographed in 1966)

50 thoughts on “More Of My London Memories In Photos

    1. I was a Mod of sorts. I wore the clothes, listened to the music, but was just too young for a scooter. I remember seeing some running fights at Brighton after we went down there in an older friend’s Ford van. I ran the other way, those rockers were much older and tougher! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. (1) Fast forward to 2022. It’s frustrating trying to collect bullet train numbers.
    (2) Baby talk: “Hey, dummy! I’ll trade you my milk bottle for your pacifier.”
    (3) “Have fun on a bike!” If it’s a bicycle built for two…
    (4) When I think of the Supremes, I think of the pizzas that are loaded with different toppings.
    (5) I wonder what that “respectable young couple” does behind closed doors?
    (6) What kind of stuffed bears were given to the Teddy Boys when they were young innocent children?
    (7) The Mod Squad rode Italian scooters?
    (8) I heard that someone burned down the Phoenix, but that the sex shop subsequently rose from the ashes.
    (9) Did you hear about the old lady who accidentally went to the wrong movie theater? She ran…straight outta Compton!
    (10) If only there were strip clubs in Las Vegas.
    (11) Did Marty Feldman ever pop into the 2 i’s?

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    1. They probably were cold. Nobody had any central heating then, and shops were cold too.
      Respectable dressing was essential, even for gangs of Teddy Boys. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Thanks, Sally. I think B&W adds a certain ‘sharpness’ to many of those images. I have been doing a long series of similar posts, and they have proved to be popular on the blog.
      Best wishes, Pete. xx

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