Films: Retro Recommendations (1)

Thinking of films that get overlooked today, I decided to offer a list of recommendations of a variety of films that I thought were great. I have reviewed some of these, but not all. I am only going to supply IMDB links, and/or trailers where I can find them, but I believe they are all worth your viewing time. I only chosen English-Language films with no subtitles on this occasion.

The Last Seduction. (1994, not the remake.)

The House of Games. (1987)

The Grifters. (1990)

Dead Man’s Shoes. (2004)

Sling Blade. (1996)

Blood Simple. (1984)

Blue Steel. (1990)

The Crying Game. (1992)

The Butcher Boy. (1997) (Trailer is poor quality)

Angela’s Ashes. (1999)

There are the first 10 for your consideration. More to follow in this series.

23 thoughts on “Films: Retro Recommendations (1)

    1. There was a time when I went to the cinema every week, sometimes twice. I tried to see films that interested me on the big screen when I could. I saw all but one of these (Sling Blade) at a cinema.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. (1) I have “The Last Seduction” on DVD. I’ve been so seduced by the plot of this film that my fondness for it will last a long time.
    (2) I’m not familiar with “House of Games.” Give me a DVD, though, and I’ll play it.
    (3) Not only do I have “The Grifters” on DVD, I’ve also read the book in French translation. Annette Bening runs naked in both languages!
    (4) I’m not familiar with “Dead Man’s Shoes.” I’m throwing a fit already!
    (5) I’m familiar with “Sling Blade,” but can’t remember if I’ve actually seen the film. It’s about a confrontation between David and a vampire named Goliath, right?
    (6) I have “Blood Simple” on DVD. To put it simply, it’s a bloody good movie!
    (7) I rented this film from Blockbuster back in the early 1990’s. Although I drank coffee while watching it, I returned “Blue Steel” stainless.
    (8) I saw “The Crying Game” at the movie theater. The big reveal near the end of the film is no laughing matter.
    (9) I haven’t seen “The Butcher Boy” or “Angela’s Ashes.” But I know the story: After Angela refuses to go to the prom with Damien, he kidnaps her, takes her out into the woods, butchers her with a hatchet, pours gasoline on her body parts, lights a match, and reduces her body to ashes—one hell of a tragic ending for such a sweet angelic girl. In the end, we find out that Damian got away with the crime by claiming the devil made him do it. (As you can see, I had no need for your links!)

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  2. I used to love seeing movies but for many years now I’ve gone off watching films and even TV series. I’m not sure why and I know I am missing some great productions. The Crying Game is one of the last movies I remember and I thought it was brilliant.

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    1. I still watch films, though I am often left feeling short-changed by many very predictable modern productions. One reason why I am featuring films from quite some time ago in this series.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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