Some Strange Old Photos

I spend a lot of time looking for photos online. Sometimes, I find some that make me wonder why they were ever taken. Here are some that seem very strange to me.

Riding an Ostrich. I didn’t even know you could do that.

Standing on a stuffed alligator. That has to be a ‘Why’?

Small boy smoking a cigarette next to his pet chicken. Strange indeed, and just wrong.

Wearing a face mask that holds ice cubes. I presume there must be some purpose to that.

Balancing tea cups on her ample bosom. Is ‘T’ a cup size in bras, I wonder?

Lots of women dressed as mermaids. A still from an old film perhaps?

A stuffed cat dressed as a child and carrying a small mouse toy. Horrible!

Celebrating becoming engaged to be married, with the man dressed in his Diving Suit. Surreal!

Siamese twin ladies with one smooching with her boyfriend. Not very pleasant for her sister!

48 thoughts on “Some Strange Old Photos

  1. Seriously weird, for sure. The one with the maks and the ice cubs makes me think of the movie Brazil and the strange beauty treatment the mother of the protagonists subjected herself to. Amazing…. Thanks, Pete!

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  2. I’m thinking the ice cube mask might have been a beauty treatment to tighten the skin and reduce puffiness in an attempt to look younger? As for the woman with a tea cart for a bosom, that’s just wrong.

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  3. One day, I went to the horse races, and they had a race with riders on ostriches. I don’t think there was wagering on it, but like you, I had no idea people could ride them.

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  4. (1) That’s actually a man dressed as a woman. He’s got really skinny legs and is very well endowed!
    (2) The alligator is stuffed because he had a big meal. Therefore, he has no interest in eating the girl.
    (3) Yes, that’s just wrong. The boy should have offered a cigarette to the chicken. Such bad manners!
    (4) The lady is hot-headed. She agreed to undergo ice cube treatment after her husband put her in a meat locker for the weekend.
    (5) Tea for two. But where’s her bosom buddy?
    (6) A mermaid brothel is being visited by pirates of the Caribbean. The evil madam’s name is Ursula. “They’ll be chasing tail, so let them catch you, but only if their pockets are full of Escudos and Doubloons. Let’s see if we can get them to empty their ship’s treasure chest. Raise your hand if you understand!”
    (7) That’s Old Deuteronomy’s grand-daughter. Better to play with a toy mouse than with marching cockroaches.
    (8) The man is wearing a diving suit because he’s marrying a mermaid. She’ll grow her tail once they’re in the water.
    (9) “I’m bored, yes Siam!”

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  5. I think that might have been a class in how to be mermaids ~ look, they’re all raising their hands for recognition! Hmmm, what would their teacher have asked?… “You see a ship sailing by. The captain is 25 years old, blond, smiling, and stands 6’2″. What do you do?” πŸ˜‚

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  6. Ha. This is a great collection of weird photos, Pete. In doing my various 1920s posts, I came across a lot of the “mermaid” photos… and various “furries” people too. Weird, but not grotesque like the Victorian Era “memento mori” post mortem photos. Thanks for this fun post. Hugs.

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  7. Yes, very bizarre. I couldn’t bear to have my legs entrapped like those mermaids. I know they did ostrich races but side-saddle? I hope they don’t do it anymore. Animals suffer way too much at the hand of humans. The picture that makes me feel a bit weird is the last one.

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    1. The lives of Siamese twins are always strange. Many of the female ones got married, which must have indicated a worrying fetish in the ‘groom’. He had a wife, but got to be with two identical women at all times, including during sex. Freaky!
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. There’s something rather unpleasant in looking at a child so small smoking a cigarette. Perhaps it was normal in those days? As a kid I used to buy imitation cigarettes that were sweets, but puffed out some kind of powder. Remember those?

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        1. Yes, I always enjoyed sweet cigarettes, and sweet ‘tobacco’. (Shredded coconut with a brown dye, I think.) I don’t recall the cigarettes puffing anything though, they were just candy white sticks with a fake red glow painted on the end. πŸ™‚
          Best wishes, Pete.

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