Twitter: Musk’s Mess

You may not be aware of issues with Twitter today. (Or may not care) Users are getting this message.

**Update. It seems to be back to normal for now**

{“errors”:[{“message”:”Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information”,”code”:467}]}

I have researched online, and there is currently no fix for this glitch. So I am unable to share any links to the posts of my blogging friends. (Or my own posts)

Just so you know.

Comments Glitches Again

It looks as if WordPress has put me on the naughty step again, for reasons best known to them.

On some blogs I follow, my comments are coming up as ‘Anonymous’. On some others, I am being asked to ‘Fill in required fields’. But there are no required fields to fill in, so my comment will not appear. This is happening on a few blogs at the moment, but may well spread. As we all know from experience.

So if you spot one of my ‘Likes’ on your blog post, but no comment, at least you know I tried.

Best wishes, Pete.

**UPDATE** Trash Folder Woes

I have spent a long time today approving and replying to genuine comments in my Trash folder.
This has meant that I have not finished today’s serial episode yet.

They eventually totalled 50, and some are still being trashed as I type.

None of them contain any particular banned words or phrases (or parts of phrases) from my list.

I do not have a clue why this is happening, so please bear with me until it stops. If it doesn’t stop, I fear I may have to revert to approving every comment, something I never wanted to have to do.

Some followers appear to be unaffected by this, and from what Carolyn told me, it seems to have something to do with the Reader, or replying directly to Email notifications.

All it has succeeded in doing is to make me even more fed up with WordPress than I usually am anyway.

‘Trash Folder’ Glitch

I was just looking to see where Jude’s comment had gone, and found 41 genuine comments in my Trash Folder.

This is a definite WP glitch, and it might be an idea for everyone to check their own folders.

Apologies to everyone involved for my late replies to your comments. I am going to have to wade through all 10 pages of my Trash Folder every day now.

My Comments, and Spam. Again

Since I started replying to some comments and leaving my own on other blogs this morning, a few have failed to appear. This leads me to think that I may have cast into ‘Spam Jail’ by WordPress, for the umpteenth time.

If I would usually comment on one of your posts, but have not appeared to do so, please check your Spam folders, and ‘Un-Spam’ me.

Best wishes, Pete.

My Blog: Privacy and Cookies Notice

You may be aware that when you press ‘Close and Accept’ on my privacy and cookies notice, it just reloads the page, or stays where it was. I am aware of this problem, and it seems I am unable to solve it. WP Admin told me to remove the widget, and I did. It no longer appears on the list of widgets in my settings.

However, that has made no difference whatsoever, and it still stays there all the time, on every page, even when I look at my own blog. So, sorry about that, but it is only my glitch, and there is nothing wrong at your end. I have got used to it being there now, and stopped noticing it. 🙂