Gift Review: Roxi

When I give or receive a gift that is so well-liked, and one that works as advertised, I like to give it some praise on this blog.

As part of Julie’s Christmas presents, I bought her one of these.

It is also available in pink, but I bought a black one.

This small streaming box comes with a one year subscrition to advertisement-free content. If you don’t want to pay to renew that next year, (£52) you can use it as normal, and just tolerate some advertising.

Here are the ‘blurbs’ from the company, and my reactions.

Step 1:
Connect ROXi to any TV with the supplied HDMI cable, and external speakers if you have them.
Step 2:
Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

*YES! IT WORKED. That so-called easy setup is actually true!

A comprehensive catalogue of over 35 million songs and albums. The latest and greatest, every music taste, every era, every major artist and composer, constantly updated.

*We played it for over three hours, and found music from the 1940s and earlier, as well as up to date songs from last year. Any genre is available, and we were not let down on any of our selections.

Instantly search, find and play
all your favourite music in seconds

*The voice controller worked with no delay noticeable, and offered choices based on what was asked.
(Manual control is also an option, using a search facility on screen.)
It is also rechargable with the supplied USB cable, so requires no batteries.

ROXI brings you 4 brilliant extra features, including karaoke-style Sing With The Stars, Worldwide Radio, music trivia games and so much more…

*We have yet to fully explore these extras, but they all came up on screen when selected.

Battle it out with ROXi Name The Song, our fabulous music trivia game, featuring millions of songs.

*This is a competitive game based on recognising songs. It worked.

The ultimate in radio. Tune into thousands of stations covering news, popular culture, sport and music.

*Not yet tried, but on the main menu.

ROXi’s Sound Machine provides the perfect background sounds for chilling, meditation and yoga. It can even help get baby to sleep.

*That was on the menu too.

In addition to ROXi’s beautiful built-in visualisers you can display your personal photo albums and pictures from Facebook.

*Yet to be tested, but it should work.

Isn’t it great when something just works?

You will need a strong wi-fi signal for this to work well. There was occasional lag on one or two somgs, but overall it was a very satisfying experience.

If you are interested, search for it on the Roxi website, as Amazon charges much more for exactly the same thing. I am not sure if it available outside the UK.

**Please note that I am not connected to this company in any way, and receive nothing for this blog post.**
I paid for the device with my own money, buying it online from the site.

Mobile Recovery

I picked my phone up today. It had been ready for collection, but I had to delay visiting the shop until my Covid test came back.

Full marks to the guy in the EE shop. He set it up for me, disabled the troublesome ‘lock code’, and after fiddling around with the menus, he even got back all my contacts!

Nice to be impressed with shop staff, isn’t it?

After all this time, I have a working phone again. Of course, I don’t need to ring anyone, but that’s not the point!

My printer won’t print anything though. That needs repair or replacement, I suppose.

As I am finding out, you can’t have everything. And you have to try to be happy taking what you can get.

Tech Nostalgia

I am old enough to remember when Tech stuff just worked, and never went wrong.
The days before ‘planned obsolescence’ made sure we had to throw it away and keep buying new things.

My first ever cassette player. Never let me down once.
Then they stopped making cassettes.

The wonderful Ferguson Videostar VHS player/recorder.
Always reliable, and never once failed to work.
Then they stopped making VHS tapes.

My first CD payer. It cost the equivalent of a month’s wages at the time, and I could only afford to buy six CDs the first year.
It never let me down, but it was so big that when I moved I had to get a ‘mini-system’. I gave it away, still working.

You can buy a DVD player for £20 now, but when I bought my first one, there wasn’t much change from £500.
It was a monster machine, and always worked well. It is in a box somewhere now, as the size became an issue.

From the 1960s until the year 2000, those products served me well, and never once failed to work.

Shame we can’t say the same about the Tech that’s around today.

An Extended Break

I admit I am sick and tired of it all, and worn down. WordPress is all over the place with the Block Editor, and now Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon, and banned me until I can provide a mobile number. I cannot do that, as my phone is broken, and nobody wants to accept responsibility for that. I am literally overwhelmed with Tech, and that is not a place where I want to be.

So for now, I will still follow and comment on everyone’s posts.

But as for the rest of it, I am quite literally fed up to my back teeth with unnecessary Tech fiddling, and obeying nonsenical rules. Life is too short at my age to bother about constant re-learning, so other than keeping up with my valued blogging friends, I will be taking a very long break from blogging, and everything else.

It may turn into a permanent break, just so you know.

My best wishes to you all as always, Pete.

New computer

The new PC tower has just arrived.

I am going to devote tomorrow to setting it up. I just realised how many other things I need to do. All the passwords to everything that are automatically saved on here. Bookmarked sites, and favourites too. And the various programmes like antivirus I already have set up on this one. Been writing down a lot of stuff in a notebook, and have also backed up the photos and documents onto a portable hard drive.

Fingers crossed I don’t end up throwing it through the window!

If I am not around for a while after today, you will know why.

(And of course, this old PC has decided to work perfectly well now!)