Best day ever…

Well, today I achieved the accolade of ‘best day ever’; the most views on my site. I suppose I should be ecstatic, and I am mildly excited. I am more interested as to why. Is it the subject of the posts? I really don’t know. Maybe it is because I have never sought a lot of views, and life is just catching up on me, who knows? Whatever the reason, I cannot help but be pleased. I have had views from Greece, and Israel, both for the first time. This can possibly be referred to my post ‘Hellas’, as the Greeks will no doubt be intrigued.  What has really boosted the figures, is a total of 35 views from Australia. What is that about? I would love to know. Still, it makes me feel really good, to inspire my Antipodean brothers, or sisters.

This is the great thing about blogging. You go from 9 views, to over 80, in the course of a day, and you never really know why. Are your ideas fresher? Is there a previously undiscovered audience?  It is impossible to quantify. The statistics tell you a lot of things, but never the answer you really desire, a simple why? I wish that I could bottle the secret to ‘a good day’. To me, the posts are similar to others, no better, no worse. Yet, for some reason, they generated interest, like never before.

We mostly blog for ourselves. I know that I do, for sure. However, to get a readership, sprinkled across many nations, is definitely a bonus. Anyone who says that they can not be impressed by others reading their stuff, is being obtuse. It is impossible not to notice that others are noticing, even on such a tiny effort as my humble blog.

So, more power to my elbow? No, more power to my viewers and readers, giving me the impetus to continue, and to be enthusiastic.

2 thoughts on “Best day ever…

  1. I’m sitting on my little balcony with a fat cigar and dram of Bowmore. A very rare treat.
    I’m reading because I was told by Bill about your blog.
    I’m following because you used to make me laugh. Read on….
    You used to frighten the hell out of most of the new boys and girls but over the years I’ve learned those people were not really from working class backgrounds and didn’t understand your politics or have a sense of what keeps us from burning out.
    Most of them have gone!
    They lost out, if they sat back, watched and listened; they’d not have seen a scary ‘old sweat’ but a very funny, observant and articulate old hand to learn from.



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