A New Photography Blog

All of you photographers out there might like to check out my friend Antony’s latest blogging venture. He is an accomplished serious amateur, and uses Nikon and Olympus cameras. There is a great variety of subjects, and B&W as well as colour. Travel, portraits, nature, exotic lands, and street stuff too.

You don’t even have to leave a comment, as he has not bothered to include that feature. It’s a WP site, so easy to follow too.

See what you think about his work.


36 thoughts on “A New Photography Blog

  1. I think you’ve featured him before and I followed for a while but he disappeared. I presume he’s starting over, don’t get why he doesn’t want comments unless he’s just showcasing his stuff and not wanting community stuff. Some nice shots for sure but I prefer it when I can have a dialogue with the photographer.

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    1. Thanks, FR. Yes, he has had sites before. No idea why he doesn’t want comments, maybe because he works 12-hour shifts, and doesn’t have a lot of free time? Not sure. But I naturally wanted to promote his stuff. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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