97 thoughts on “Hackers: A Warning

  1. Could it be a webcrawler? Something used big name search engines. To be able to process your website and make it available to the public via keywords.

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  2. Thank you, Kevin, for the info. I will definitely let you know if I see something on your site that is questionable. Hope all goes well for you.

    Thanks again for the wonderful review! I am still on cloud 9! 😀🤗


  3. Thanks for the head’s up. It happened to me but I didn’t think much about it because I have two tier verification to log-in. Back in 2016, I received codes several times to complete my log-in, when I had not tried to log-in.

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  4. I check this every day to see if the links I have added are being clicked on…Today I have one ..I do have extra verification and to edit anything on my account WP send a code to my phone annoying for me at times but unfortunately a necessity. Good post, Pete we need to be aware 🙂

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  5. Last week, one page completely vanished from my WordPress site. When I got in touch with WordPress I was told this could only happen if someone actively deleted it, which suggests someone had hacked my site. I can’t think why anyone would go to the bother of hacking my site just to delete a page. WordPress don’t even have my payment details, as I haven’t upgraded.

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    1. Thanks for adding your own experience, Annabelle. It does seem pointless, what they did, but perhaps it was simply malicious? Or maybe they were trying it out, to see what they could get away with? We are all going to have to pay more attention to our blogs, I suspect.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. As my parents taught me, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. It never hurts to glance at stats, especially if you have stats that show attempts at logins. A good password for your account, and as someone suggested earlier, a backup account so you could get in if your main is compromised.

    Wordfence says it has blocked 7,905 malicious login attempts. Askimet has blocked 4,082 known spam comments in the last couple of years.
    Stay safe.

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  7. Pete, there is a glitch somewhere, and it’s scary. I was on someone’s else’s blog reading and it was going to allow me to change or delete their share buttons with an (x) – which is not appropriate. I didn’t click on the share buttons or delete them but I could have. Something is really wrong.

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  8. On my self-hosted site, Wordfence, who protect my site informed me of over 20 attempted logins for the first week of March. Typical trying names as: admin, login, cabbieblog. My advice is to create a ‘back door’ login, using an arbitrary name and password that you never use except when hacked. You can also login via WordPress.com and I can using my Patreon details. Good luck

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  9. Always good to change your password every now and again, but I think WP will also automatically lock out after a third incorrect attempt to log on, at which point you should be notified. Just as long as your password isn’t ‘Ollie’ you should be good 🙂

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  10. Thanks for the heads up Pete. I’ve looked at some of those ‘click’ stats but have never been sure what they tell me. I’ll pay more attention now. I did change my password not too long ago for some other concern I had and thought the process was rather hokey. Most sites will have you enter a new password, once, then again to confirm it before changing and saving. WP only asked for it once, which means you have to be sure you entered it correctly the first time and exactly what you wrote down. I didn’t set up the 2 factor authentication as it seemed it would be such a hassle. I still may do it as there’s so many things to be on guard against these days. Such is the internet! 😉

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  11. Two factor authentication is the best method to protect yourself. I use LastPass Authenticator that gets backed up to LastPass so I don’t have to reset them if I reset or upgrade mobile phones. I always turn on 2FA if it’s available.

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  12. I had no idea… whenever I happen upon the stats page I have no idea how I found it and did not realize you can see how many clicks happen on the page. Isn’t there a way to contact WordPress about your suspicion?

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