A Change In The Weather

Can it be only last week that I was writing about hot summer days and uncomfortable sultry nights, sleeping with a fan whirring in the room?

The wind changed on Saturday, and the weather with it. In the course of one day, it went from 32 C to 18 C in Beetley, and the sunshine was replaced by looming clouds and blustery winds. By two in the afternoon, it was dark enough in the house to have to use lights in some rooms, and by eight at night cold enough to require wearing something warm on top.

That has continued since, with rare breaks in the clouds giving some idea of the summer they are concealing from us. Of course, June temperatures of 18-20 C are normal here. It’s just that after the three-day heatwave, they seem rather cold now, and the skies are looking bleak.

It taught me once again just how soon we can become used to something, and just as rapidly miss it when it has gone.

48 thoughts on “A Change In The Weather

      1. My husband was hunkered down under a porch when the fire department and police department roared up to said building! I think the lightning must have hit the lightning road on the center. He was fine.

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  1. It’s interesting that the highest for where I live today was 17, and it felt a bit warm in the sun, cool in the shade though. But I live in Australia, and it’s the middle of winter.

    Things are quite different, many immigrants from the UK love it in the thank of Aus, but some can’t cope with our extreme heat when it comes (and seemingly getting hotter and hotter!)

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