Ollie’s Blog?

With the extra posts about Ollie being ill recently, I have been reminded of the fact that my dog is genuinely the most popular thing on this blog.

Anything I write about concerning Ollie beats all other posts hands-down, and by at least 20% more views.

The second most popular thing here is anything to do with ‘Blogging’. Whether that be tips and advice, or just plain moans, those posts always get a big audience.

Photos have always been popular, and adding any image helps to create interest. But include a photo of Ollie, and those views go off the scale.

So let’s be honest about it. This is really Ollie’s blog. Maybe I should change the name of it? πŸ™‚

64 thoughts on “Ollie’s Blog?

    1. He has recovered from the breathing crisis, but it has slowed him down considerably. For his breed, eight and a half is quite old, so we have to take things a lttle differently now. I am very pleased that you like him so much.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Ollie is beloved by your bloggers, but it is not Ollie’s blog. He is just a big part of you, and your blog. No need to change names, but please give Ollie a big pat for me.

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  2. Maybe Ollie needs to post more pictures of Pete. Here is Pete feeding me my favorite food. Here is Pete loving me up. Here is Pete throwing me my new toy.

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  3. No! Please don’t change the name. You are more than Ollie’s interpreter, biographer and carer. You have enlightened the murky blogosphere with the tale of a special relationship. Animals make humans better. We need to be reminded of your crucial role!

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