Too Hot To Blog? Try This

As we continue to experience a remarkable heatwave in parts of Britain, I have noticed a drop-off in blog views, and a reduction in activity by many bloggers I follow.

That’s understandable. Even though it is too hot and uncomfortable to sit outside, being indoors in front of the PC is wearing after a while, even with the windows wide open.

Then I remembered I had one of these. It was free from Amazon as part of their product testing programme, which I am a member of.

(Not my doughnuts. I haven’t got any.)

This tiny fan has three speeds, and is surprisingly effective when placed directly behind my keyboard. It can also be charged up, and used as a portable min-fan, with the charge allowing around three hours of running time. The rubber base is detachable, and the cable can be stored around it. I have it plugged directly into the USB socket of my PC tower, but it would work just as well with a laptop.

***I get nothing from Amazon for recommending this fan***.
If you are interested in getting one, they are very cheap. Search ‘Donut Fan USB’ on Google and you will see many are available.

44 thoughts on “Too Hot To Blog? Try This

  1. I apologize for the late revisit, Pete! Honestly it was not the heat which has pulled me away from the PC. Most times i am using mobile devices. More it was my faible collecting a lot of sun rays, getting best tanned for a selfish look into the mirror. Lol Preventing to get the radiation into the eyes i had to wear sunglasses, and baring a Google Glass i could not use the internet. 😉 Michael

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    1. I have hardly read anything (other than blogs) since the pandemic started. During the heatwave I can’t do much at all, as even watching TV makes me hot and listless. It has broken down a little here today, and dropped to a cloudy 25 C, with a breeze. After the last week, that feels significantly different.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. My sentiments exactly, Daniel. And I have to look at the rubber ‘doughnut’ all day, trying to resist going to the shops and buying some real ones! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’ve found that since the pandemic, many of the bloggers are putting out far more posts than they used to. I don’t even have enough time to read them all, I have to pick and choose randomly or I won’t get to everyone.

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  3. Pete, we are about to head into the 90’s here in Beverly Hills…luckily, the Pacific Ocean breeze keeps humidity down, but it will be baking for sure – it will be over 100 degrees in “the valley”!

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    1. As you get fine weather almost every day, I don’t suppose it affects you in the same way. But we have had exceptional overnight temperatures here this year, so it’s increasingly hard to sleep.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. “Not my doughnuts. I haven’t got any.“ That was too funny😂
    Well…this certainly isn’t a bad thing to have at all. Will take a look at it. Also…don’t know if this is just me, but the link doesn’t work on my end (but as I said, this could just be me😊). Thanks for sharing this!

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  5. Well, I prefer blogging [in my office, with the air-conditioning running] to being outside in the heat, even if I was outside quite frequently yesterday, for bbq-ing. Yes, I know it’s madness when it’s close to 100 F. [38 C.], but it still was fun. And the results were/are YUMMY!

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