Block Editor: A Reblog

Here is a reply a blind blogger received about her dislike of the Block Editor.

Keep complaining! You never know!

Therapy Bits

Heres what the customer service rep at wp said to me when I sent in my complaint.
I’ll put what I wrote and then their response back to me!

manyofus1980Mon, Aug 24, 10:00 PM
Hi! I wanted to bring it to your attention that most of my blogger friends and me are not happy with the block editor, many of my blogger friends are going to move their blog elsewhere, can you bring back classic editor? I am blind, and the block editor is confusing. Classic editor works well! Is there a possibility you can use it again or we can have a choice? I’d really love it if we could, I don’t want to see all of my blogging buddies abandon their blogs and leave wp!

WP.comMon, Aug 24, 10:01 PM
Hi! I can understand your frustration. We’re listening and passing along the feedback that we’re getting…

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32 thoughts on “Block Editor: A Reblog

    1. They have to remember that their advertisers are targeting bloggers. If they have less bloggers, the advertisers will stop using WP. That’s simple economics. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Yes, it does sound like a standard reply. Shame there’s no way to contact somebody who is truly in charge directly… I’ve found writing an e-mail to Jeff Bezos at Amazon sometimes gets things moving. (He doesn’t reply personally, but normally somebody who can do something about it does). Let’s keep this going. Thanks, Pete!

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  2. I hope so too Pete. As I said over on Kim’s blog, their answer didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence, but hopefully I am wrong about it. I have to say though that I received a video from Fraggle that was really helpful. Right now I’m still using the old editor and hopefully can keep doing that 😊

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    1. It seems to be aimed at the business and professional users. They pay bigger fees to be on those premium plans of course. I just see no reason why they couldn’t have left the option for anyone who doesn’t want to change.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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