43 thoughts on “Short Thoughts (57)

      1. Well, it would. My mother would know who I was most of the time, then would suddenly think I was one of her aunts or someone, and then a bit later switch back

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  1. I can’t even imagine being there. My mother had to go through the pain when her father (my grandfather) had dementia for many of his last years. He did not recognise any if his children except one who lived with him. And he had short term memory loss too. so even when he explained, he would promptly forget.

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  2. My mother got very muddled at the end, but in a way it was a comfort. I was in NY waiting for a summons to a family meeting at which it would be decided what facility my mother would go to. (She had asked me often to promise I would never send her to a home…one cannot make such promises, sadly, in my income bracket) My brother was in England visiting and went to see Mum in the afternoon. She said brightly “Carolyn was here this morning!” I never did see her again, but it was a comfort that she thought I did. She died about a week later. My brother had just gone back to Africa and had to turn around and come back. Not easy having aging parents far away.

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    1. My mum’s problem wasn’t Alzheimer’s either. She had numerous small bleeds on the brain that caused bouts of confusion, and occasional hysteria. So upsetting to see.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I’m looking forward to seeing that. From the previews, it looks like an excellent drama.
      My mum was spared long-term dementia, but had the same symptoms caused by numerous brain bleeds. That afternoon in the hospital broke my heart.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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